Top 10 WORST EVER TITLE DEFENCES! | Chelsea, AC Milan, France

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As Leicester continue to struggle in the league after their heroics last season, Rob runs through The Football Republic’s Top 10 worst ever title defences, featuring Chelsea in the Champions League, AC Milan’s incredible Serie A winning squad and France in the 2002 World Cup.

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The Football Republic says:

What Top 10s would you all like to see in the future? It would be great to steal some of your ideas and claim them as my own.

Israel Patino says:

Germany 2018 world cup?

Alonzo Johnson says:

Featuring mystical

Stiv Dejong says:

Ti si čobi


Germany this world cup

London’s Biggest Manchester City Fan says:

2016/17: Champions of England, Champions League Qualification
2017/18: 5th Place, Europa League qualification, losing to teams such as Burnley, Crystal Palace and Newcastle United

j197848 says:

add Leicester city 16-17 and Germany 2018 world cup

Jimmis sfikas says:

You know that every team that won the world cup lost in the group stages next year right?

Alvaro Josue Altamirano says:

did anyone at least bring up germany ? ??

Anderton Chigoneka says:

Chelsea had terrible defence of the title from 89 points to 50 points dreadful and Leicester also had similar poor season going from 87 points to 49 points

Filip C says:

1 like = 1 dilly ding dilly dong

Cooper Dunkerley says:

I'm from N.Z thanks for the support ???????????????

Ayden Cutmore says:

Spain at the 2014 world cup deserved to be on there

My Channel Lacks Originality says:

A team that should be on the list? Greece, Euro 2008. They won (fucking somehow) Euro 2004 1-0 against hosts Portugal, and in 2008, they lost all their games. They lost 2-0 to Sweden, 1-0 to Russia, and lost 2-1 to Spain, their only goal of the tournament coming from Charisteas. Do you guys agree with me?

Yasin Akgun says:

good content but struggling with the mockney accent…

TheCarFanForever says:

Chelsea having both europa and champions league trophies is hardly terrible

nathan hosea says:

Well at least Chelsea won the Europa League

Samuel Wakefield says:

Leicester city selling vardy: worst mistake ever.

XxX_69_edgy teen_69_XxX says:

a trophy earned not bought.
ok now I'm PRAYING for them to get relegated.

irishben15 says:

and now renieri has been sacked in february. he really must hate this month of the year

Titus yt says:

what about Spain in the 2014 world cup

Apostolos Velios says:

spain 2014 ?? man utd 2013/14 ??

cassandra says:

stop hating on Chelsea

Josh Tighe says:

He makes fun of Leicester so much because he's a derby fan

simon albert says:

Wenger deserves the Dublin Smile for never winning the EC

Nikhil Sam says:

What about SPAIN ??

Kein Horst says:

Just like Man City, Nuremberg was relegated after winning the title in 1968

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