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We go head to head in todays episode of 7 Minute Squads around Seedorfs prime moment ICON card!!
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Sophie says:

Me: calm down. Calm down

The Clarkenators says:

Tom didn't have four leagues only one la liga player

Elliot Hilton says:

Hate Tom his voice face hair attitude does my head in defo a virgin

Elliot Hilton says:

Imagine rushing a squad what a gay mong

Zaccity says:

I cant stand watching Tom…… he’s soo toxic

Henry Lawrence says:

4 leagues in under 5 minutes should be an unchangeable discard

Grant Simpson says:

Get that 4 league rule you have come up with to fuck. If the squads done within 5 minutes you get the discard end of, none of this doing 4 leagues to cancel it out!

Josh Whiteside says:

Capgun Tom makes me so mad, he's so boring and grumpy and then he wins and acts like a big man when he's just a nonce, the plant behind him has more character

Jonas Hedegaard says:

Disliking purely because of Tom's presence.. Jack, do yourself a favor and do not make videos with Tom

John Smith says:

I don’t see anyone having mentioned the fact that Jacks Seedorf wouldn’t be full Chem? Only two orange and two dead links?

Fog a la Dizqll says:

Dont do a 7ms on seedorf and not discard his real icon card. Its just sad and boring

Ian Palgrave says:

4 leagues under 5 minutes should be 3 discards

Ian Palgrave says:

Seedorf is awesome when playing as a cdm

Nicko Kamphuis says:

Btw anyone who noticed that ton had no full chemistry on his rabiot(only got 7) and no one did anything about it

Nicko Kamphuis says:

I think finishing within 5min and having a 4 league hybrid should give one discard… But it should count heavier towards stopping it, like if you have both and the opponent only has 4 leagues or within 5min you get one discard and when you have both and they get none of the 2 done you'd still get one discard

Dan North says:

Tom is so annoying :/ always really cocky when winning and so salty when losing… bored of him now

Dan North says:

No 4 leagues in under 5 minutes shouldn’t be 2 discards. It should be one or the other because otherwise it’s too complicated.

JapaneseF1SH says:

I fucking hate Tom so much

HeyBrother ComeHereBoi says:

If Tom used an Italian serie A player instead of bakayoko could have got no links wasted

ALJ 1927 says:

Jack is shut a cheat always changing the rules and shit

Tobias Ostini says:

You could have gotten 5 leagues with horn in goal Tom

Tayfun Ozcan says:

I think should always be 4leagues. Ppl seem to finish the teams too quick anyway. Maybe no links wasted equals a discard?

JJMO46 says:

Please no more 7MS with Tom, biggest douche bag and his voice makes me nauseous

Sam Williams says:

When did Tom become a prick?

Iniesta says:

I think its a good idea but 5minutes is pretty long then for 4 leagues i mean if tom focused he only needed 3 minutes to make it

Sammy Rochford says:

3:43 Song please?

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