Fifa 13 Ultimate Team – Ex AC Milan Squad Builder ft. Ibrahimovic and Thiago Silva!

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Can we get 1000 likes for this squad builder? 😀
What squad should I do next? Comment below! (The one I choose get’s 25k!)
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hashim sk says:

dida played bad for you because the only thing he';s good at is positioning and if you pull him out of position (like you did) he wont play well.

Bob De Breuken says:

Suarez, Ibrahimovic, vertonghen, vermaelen, van der wiel, stekelenburg, …

Carlos Sueiro Fernández says:


BMaso says:

where da fcuk is seedorf?

kevin c says:

no response… think u got ur answer :L

MrAquiliano1 says:

ex porto with mourinho as coach

The EzBro says:

Team of Longshotters, rape faces, brothers, ex barca squad, team of legends, uhhhh idk one of those should work 🙂

Timothy Roberts says:

YOU MUST READ THIS! I got free players and I want to share how. This works because ea doesn't keep track of who has what players. All you have to do is message their player support email which is and tell them u got hacked and lost an amount of coins and some players like Ronaldo and Messi. At least have a gold team though because they won’t believe you if you have a bronze team. It works on both ps3 and Xbox. They respond quick to

Nick Borden says:

What about an ex barca squad? Eto'o, zlatan, ronaldinho and deco?


miccoli had never played with milan…

JJ Foe says:

Seedorf is on the bench -_-

JJ Foe says:

Wait, dont i get 25,000 coins?? This was my idea!

aronksn says:

Former Ajax, would be amazing to see how many great players they have produced over the years!

Hazza7563 says:

This is an unpatched glitch
1.BUY 3 CHARLTON ATH(npower champ league) KITS
2.Send each jersey DIRECTLY to trade pile
3.Discard each jersey one DIRECTLY AFTER THE OTHER.
The final kit that you discard will ask if you want to discard for 20,000 coins.
P.S.the jersey's are raising in price to around 4k a piece on PS3 ,so it will cost about16k to buy them, buy it will give you 20k once you discard them.
Not sure if it works with xbox.
Im workin on posting a vid on my channel

JSM says:

If only rossihd learned how to buy people in the right formation

Mamba11PL says:

Ex Man Utd squad feat Ronaldo , Tevez , Saha ?

Alfie bell says:

Future arsenal squad

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