AC Milan 4-0 Arsenal FC (C1) Champions League 2011/2012

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Round of 16 Date 15 febr 2012
Venue Milan – Italy (Stadio Giuseppe Meazza)
Referee V. Kassai Hungary Attendance 64.462 spectators


Mesut Şahin says:

Milanin kadro sağlanmış ama Arsenalin kadroda süper iyi 4 tane sallamışlar

Al Fito says:

1.09 number 4 ???

Bosnian Lion says:

It's sad that both teams became weak.

Tugay Ceylan says:

Kanatlar ??

Football not sooccer says:

2 assists 1 goal. 😉

Veysel Doguç says:

İbra ibra ooooooooooooooooo goooooooool tiziano crudeli

Cristian Villca Astorga says:

A.C Milan ?❤???????

Guilherme Moreira says:

Saudades de ver o Milan jogar a Champions league

Gaada Namanya says:

milan is our only hope than barcelona rogue

Alvaro Araujo says:

This Milan wasnt extremely strong but it was very competitive and effective in this Champions league.
I cant believe that our rigth and left backs were Abate and Antonini, they are players that belongs in a mediocre team in the Serie A. The centerbacks and our offensive (boateng- Ibra- Robinho) were our strengths. The midfield wasnt anything special, Seedorf and Van bommel used to be fantastic players but here they were in their lowest hours

I actually belive that our current team are as strong as this. Donnaruma, Bonucci, Romanogli, Rodriguez, Kessie, Suso, Hakan, Silva and Cutrone are champions league players. We need a better midfield and a competitive bench

jesus gcia says:

I don't knew that Gru is a good goalkeeper 5:53 arsenal were his minions

Yaasiin Axmed says:

i m soomali i m arsenal fun and i watched this play but what we made last night night

xD says:

Its sad how both teams now play in Europa League

Fuad Quliyev says:

Again Milan

Osama AY says:

Tomorrow we are going to fuck arsenal ??

Shamanin Rahman says:

Fuck you, reygram from Instagram – gramer "foola"

San Siro says:

Forza Milan!

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