PES 2018 | Ancelotti's AC Milan 4-1-2-1-2 | Formation & Tactics

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Rocket XCII says:

That wasn't Ancelotti's Milan formation: they used the 4-3-2-1 ("The christmas tree").

MrGarrincha11 says:

why don't you use the christmas tree formation 4-3-2-1 (4-5-1)?

Matthew Maayen says:

Could yo do johan cruff tactics when he was trainer at barcelona

Pavle Cacovic says:

Hi pizzas, you're great! Could you make ideal formation for ac milan, I always play with them, since iss2 🙂 If you could make 433 formation that fits milan would be great. Cheers bro!

Hemo o says:

how did u do this skill 13:34 ?!

Keegan Jacobs says:

Spoony thanks for this . Just curious on how do you come up with best formation and tactics for each team requested ? I ask because Suso best ratings is when he's at wing or SS or CF as a goal poacher but CMF is B position for him.

Gagasan Melayu Raya says:

I like to play this formation when I played fifa last time (because I hate to cross lol)

Serhio says:

U best. Thx bro

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