AC Milan for the Dubai Football Challenge 2014, Day One! | AC Milan Official

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Sale l’attesa per Milan – Real Madrid, la squadra arriva a Dubai e prepara la partita. Guarda le immagini del primo giorno di allenamento!

Great expectations for AC Milan – Real Madrid, the team arrives in Dubai and prepares the game. Watch the videos of the first day of training!

Music: Olly Mours feat. Demi Lovato – UP

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fendenixs says:

Grande partita del'SECOLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alvin Chit says:

look at muntari 0:41
is that even football-related?

Майя Манмуроова says:

Вот они в видео забавляються а после проигрыша Реалу будет недо забавы!кто считает также ставьте Лайк

SNKeSport says:

i don't understand why we're not in the third place yet ! o.O 
we're 7° that's a shame ! 

HM Pennypacker says:

demi lovato every fucking video

Manee Al Khalifah says:

Please come to KSA I dream of meeting any player of Milan or watch Milan play please please please

Amosh 01 says:

Forza milan ❤❤❤❤
فورزا ميلان ❤❤❤❤

XxBaZzInGa99xX says:

0:45 Essien lol

8567nick says:

Forza ragazzi…forza Milan 🙂

trickstar says:

good players but not worldclass 

Claudio Freni says:

Fidiamoci di questi ragazzi possono fare tanto FORZA MILAN!!!

BMW S1000RR says:

wheres honda

Tyler Durden says:

Per favore non fate partire El, come si fa a perdere un gioiello del genere? Viene utilizzato troppo poco e non dimostra quello che sa fare.

Hamoud Saad says:

مرحبا بك في دبي 3>

Yazeed Abdulaziz says:

0:02 OMG 

Liam Elijah says:


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