11 Players You Didn't Know Were At AC Milan

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Let’s take a look at eleven players you might not have known played for the Italian giants and five-time European champions AC Milan, including the likes of Arsenal hitman Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.


reinaldi101 says:

David Beckham Anyone??

Hamza Kaka says:

Patrick Viera, Kluivert

Călin Neamțiu says:

what about Cosmin Contra? The man that took down Bayer Münich almost by himself in Uefa Cup whit Getafe..

abdalla mehanna says:

U forgot adil rami ?

Szikla Gránit says:

This video is a bit nonsense because if you are a fan of a club in this case AC Milan then you know the transfers and who played and how much for a club. These peoples played for the Milan and some of them came in their last stages of career while others weren't enough promising or just were unlucky and could not prove themselves to be worth in their positions.

Only peoples whom not watching football and not following this club could not know who played for the club but on the wikipedia site you can check whom played for the club and you can find a lot name whom was only episode stager.

Plati100 says:

Patrick Kluivert and Ronaldo (the brazilian) too

Tritya Mudita says:

u should add vieira, kluivert

Gabe Newell says:

gourcuff, emerson, robinho, huntelaar, emanuelson, van bommel, beckham…

papankzidane says:

Klaas Jan Huntelaar

Yassine Drissi says:

how can any football fan not know that Aubameyang played for Milan?

Javier Ortega-Chavez says:

Patrick Vieira…………

Adnan albluooshi says:

You should've mentioned Gourcuff.

xin liu says:

Flamini Emanuelson…

Gabriele Carbonai says:

Viera, Futre, Baggio, Lehmann, Ziege, Beckham, Ronaldo, Kluivert, Rivaldo, Redondo… the list is very long

Milos Smiljanski says:

Your voice is fucking horrible…

Tommaso Dalla Riva says:

7 Champions League win…not 5??

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