AC Milan 4-1 Bayern Munich 2006 Champions League Round of 16 All goals & Highlights FHD/1080P

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AC Milan 4-1 Bayern Munich 2006 Champions League Round of 16 All goals & Highlights FHD/1080P
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Neto says:

9:55: Guerrero…Corinthians 2012, vs Chelsea.

Carlos Silva-Silva says:

A propósito de este partido el Kaisser beckembauer dijo la famosa frase: "Pippo Inzaghi nació adelantado"

kassio gomes Oliveira says:

Era bom assistir a velha bota cheio d craques

The Infant Finite says:

Bayern get rekt by Milan. Milan team was absolutely beast back then.

Mbah Parman says:

Kaka ini bener" pemain bintang ditambah wajahnya yg tampan berbagialah wanita yg menjadi istrinya

Ibrahim Bin Kasim says:

Your editing sucks

Danilo Pochini says:

I love how Inzaghi used to celebrate like a madman after scoring the silliest goals

fandi tri says:

when Milan was a big team

Gde Agung says:

Kaka & sheva the legend

Been Cxzy says:

This Milan side Would get destroyed by peps Barca, and
Zidanes RM LOL

omar nkl says:

once upon a time: the real wonderful Milan! oliver kahn's reaction against Schevchenko was stupid

Kumiati Kum says:

Itu era emasnya ac milan

Augusto Roa Zarza says:

Milan needs cash injection from a billionaire

Senad Juseinovski says:

Back in the days when AC Milan was one of the best teams in the world.

Vatsal Singh says:

One dream match i would hve liked to see is AC Milan (2002-07) vs bayern munich (2009-2015).

Lla derat says:

its 2019 and Pizzaro is still fucking playing for Werder

Riyan Putra says:

Inzaghi and sheva ?

Niel Marshal says:

6.18 only pippo who can give assist to himself 😀

jose carlos says:

In that time Milan was the Best team in Europa, Kaka and shevchenko true legends!!!

Klaus Überhauser says:

Oliver kahn was such an idiot

Priince Brvce says:

Back when AC Milan were the best team in the world and teams were petrified playing against them!!

David Ownage says:

I miss those days, both these clubs had truly all star players, specially AC Milan, now they are both not interesting anymore

Alguém comentando says:

Tempo em que o Milan fazia medo aos adversários.

Duds Costa says:


okisheva says:

good old days…Sheva miss youu:(((

David Ta says:

kaka made this team tick

Timliu92 says:

When Schweinsteiger was still a winger.

Diti Don says:

2006/ who remember that disallowed goal by shevchenko in semi final vs barcelona, i hate puyol because of that

Anak Rental says:

2006, Barcelona vs Arsenal (Paris)

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