Wolves 2-1 Manchester United | Key Moments | Emirates FA Cup 18/19

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Two second half goals from was enough to send Manchester United out and propel Wolves into the Semi-Finals!

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mikoscherzinger says:

…. 1:28.!!!!.>>>>

Andrew Jones says:


Aidan Millward says:

That's what proper fans sound like.

vincnet Vincnet says:

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johnson joseph says:

Romain saiss is the man of the match

Ramon Arellano says:

Not Sure how Scholes can even watch his.

Ricardo Silva says:

JFC… 0:43, this guy Lindelof has to be the worst defender in Premiere League…

Santhosh Vishnu says:

Seeing this match i think Messi can take rest in the match against man united so that he can play better in the semis and also not just waste energy in beating losers

FIFA55 GOD says:

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Joe O Sullivan says:

I think Wolves are now my backup team..

Mohammed Nadir says:

Wolves gk looks like jonny sins

Matex Wader says:

Dengar Juga Lagu Ini ,, Kamu Pasti Baper……!!!


Sam G says:

This is the team that’s supposed to beat barca?

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