Real Madrid squad players 1999 – 2018

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wasel sport says:

The next video about FC Barcelona 1999-2019 – Work is underway
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Todor Mircea says:

The name of the song/compilation from the video? Thanks

สุปรีชา โอชารส says:

Realmadrid 1999

redondo fernando says:

wah ada saya di lini tengah nya hehe

Hazim Ibrahimovic says:

geremi ?????

Tony Montana says:

2017-2018 savage

mohamed mostafa says:

ما بحبكيش

mohamed mostafa says:

كفايه كده

mohamed mostafa says:

قولي اهلك عايزين واعمله ليهم وتمشي

mohamed mostafa says:

انت مش بتنفزي رغبتي انا لا احبك

Raza Gultom says:

Steve mc manaman

SwEEp TiMe says:

i missed ronaldo

YOOKAY kun says:

Casillas the best goalkeeper in the world

Eighter Tujuh says:

Arjen roben
Luis figo
Ruud van Nistelroy
Manuel adebayor

Twe Foju says:

16/17 is indeed the pinnacle of heaven for the Real Madrid fans

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