Tactics Explained | Inter Milan's Treble 2009/10

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In the 2009/10 season, Jose Mourinho guided Inter Milan to an unprecedented treble. No Italian club has since won Serie A, their domestic cup the Coppa Italia, and the UEFA Champions League in one season, and only six teams have done it ever. In this video, we take a closer look at the team, and explain the theory behind the success.
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Koen Berghuis says:

I mean, AC Milan was the last Italian side to win UCL in 2011 but aside from that, great vid

Adit Karandikar says:

But I didn't get one thing,why was left cam playing as a defencive winger even though the lb didn't push high up

k2d10tode11 says:

would have preferred him to come back to inter.
i honestly think he can revitalised the team.

M Jordan says:

They beat Barça at that infamous semi final but Barça was the better team.

The Reliable Source says:

even though he wasn't in the squad, Inter wouldn't have won the UCL without Zlatan. Zlatan came to Inter in 2006/07 and won them 3 league titles. The club sold him and had lots of money and Samuel Eto. Zlatan gave Inter momentum for a champions league title.

Amit Lokhande says:

Do a video on Barca's treble

Ben Sanderson says:

UEFA Champions League final winning side: Cesar, Maicon, Lucio, Samuel, Chivu, Zanetti, Cambiasso, Sneijder, Eto'o, Milito, Pandev. Stankovic as sub. One of the finest sides to ever grace the pitch. Sneijder conned out of a Ballon D'Or and Lucio, Zanetti, Eto'o and Cambiasso all deserved top 10 places. What a team.

Dominik Lacko says:

Legend! Thank you Jose and please come back.

Nempowa says:

Sneijder deserved the ballon d’or in 2010. Milito who was a beast that year didn’t reach in the top 20 ballon d’or Lmfao what a joke

Hyde Hill says:

Mourinho should really return to Inter and build a legacy, its the league and club he fits the most imho.

ItalBres 92 says:

Thank You for this video, this Inter was simply splendid!
PS: Can you do a video about Ajax’s philosophy (Toekomst)?

31Hosaf says:

Do an q&a

Vedansh Nathani says:


FanofAslan says:

1. Pick a club with oodles of cash to spend. 2. Buy physical baddasses in their prime. 3. Set players against each other so club resembles CoD battleground. 4. Unleash these dogs of war to nullify opposition's strengths. 5. Win by a goal or two and pull up the drawbridge. 5. Snear in press conferences. 6. Win ugly. 7. Boast. 8. Walk away leaving next manager with a chalice containing more poison than a nest of black mambas. 9. Repeat. 10. Repeat. 11. Get done by own ego in Doctorgate. 12. Stuff up at Man Utd having to use players bought by others. 13 ?

Jedi Knight says:

The key to this team was BALANCE.

Right footed players playing on the right or right central. And left footed players playing on the left side and left of centre.

It maximises the width of the pitch with players going in their natural directions and opens and exposes teams with players playing on the opposite side to their strong foot.

A great system. But finding quality left footers is hard.

darragh O says:

This was my favourite team of all time. The way they played in the champions league that year fantastic

crxRTsupreme 000 says:

can u do this for Porto’s 2003/04 UCL wnning team?

Aman says:

A football club could be success under jose if you give him the best defensive CB partner, solid DM, clever no 10 and strong no 9 each season and the rest do the job at their own position as best as they should. Attacking styles Jose almost relying on direct football which are long ball and counter attack. Team like barcelona, man united or any team that known as attacking philosophy not suit jose. Jose weaknesses is he always blame the players when something he demand didn't delivered by players the big name like pogba, ronaldo, ramos even hazard can't accept this and most of players give up and do not do well each match. we can see this normally in third season which is jose season's syndrome everything went wrong.

Ace Harris says:

People who think his tactics are entirely dead are ignoring the real issue at United- personality clashes. His tactics worked fine, and they won United three trophies, got them to an FA Cup Final, and finished them 2nd in less than two and a half years. It’s his personality, not his ability that might make him untouchable by a big team.

red4ever says:

Football moved on, Jose didn't. Top managers adapt with the times. Dinosaurs don't.

Calimero Righteous says:

I don't wanna be that guy, but you don't have a clue about tactics.

Chitraansh Popli. says:

Coincidentally this comes in my feed the day Mourinho is sacked (by utd)

mohamad irfansyah says:

I want Mourinho become an inter coach again?

Kills Monkey says:

The greatest back four I have ever witnessed, I play football as a hobby and play as a CB, watching the defensive masterclass of this team in the champions league gave me goosebumps, I have never in my life looked up to defenders as much as that back four during Joses treble winning team, especially against Chelsea and even more so against Barcelona.

megh nadar says:

When Samuel eto'o only played in the left wing for Mourinho you know how good a manager he is…

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