Ronaldinho vs Manchester United (UCL) (Home) 2009-10 HD 720p

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Calvin Harris – How Deep Is Your Love (Cignature Remix)


Mehmanx says:

ronaldinho no coment

Xuân Thiện Nguyễn says:

3:07 paul scholes's mistake :))

I M CH says:

Thank youu!!!!!! 🙂 😀

Giyn Delzo says:

El Milan el más grande de Italia es una pena que en este momento este en un pésimo momento ojalá vuelva como antes un candidato al scudetto y la Champions.

Freddy Ronald Vargas Rodriguez says:

Que equipaso tenia el milan

Daaavid MJ says:

music epic <3

ManoIsa Rodrigues says:

Nitidamente um monstro enjaulado..em suas priprias limitaçoes fisicas..kk

El Futbolero says:

El mejor de Italia y de España , Mucha faltas contra Dinho

Akro Medeo says:

Kohinoor diamond touch…

Armando Castellanos Motatin says:

Alguien sabe como se llama la cancion?

Vitor Hugo says:

Saudades Ronaldinho, Saudades do temido milan!

Clarence Toh says:

Didnt even need pace or have great players around him. Sick touch and control

H Bang says:

He was to fat and slow at this stage of his career until the end. He only had around 4 years where he was one of the best in the world.

*Jhon AF* says:

la lenguita de dinho, ATTE: COS COS

pham thai says:

link music pleas

Michael Jackson says:

The best football player of all the time..

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