?Liverpool vs Man Utd? Preview & Score Prediction 2018

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BANAAN5150 says:

Salah chocked…

The first Rangers says:

I’m here after 0-0 Liverpool and Man U

Beau wills studio Jr says:


shaiza batool says:

Should care caring he is the best player for Liverpool re-mole Sala

shaiza batool says:

Oh man I am I love you though but we sold Coutinho that doesn’t matter

Fvdcd Hcd says:

It was actually 0-0

Aaron Mooney99 says:

You said you went Thomas hole muller nah you went eric cantana

Louis Tan says:

Those who are angry when people say Soccer

U must understand Americans and some Asia country like mine say Soccer

Americans say because they have another sport call Football

Different country have different saying

Ferenc Balogh says:

Looked a that on a league i play atletico 7-0 Barcelona

cartoon er says:

Man united for life

Mateja Ivanov says:

Bruh, I was a fan of Liverpool since 2013.

I know it will win before it plays.

Leo Pervana says:

If Lingard hears this part 2:33 he will chop Sams head off

Timothy Beacom says:

Oh cool ?

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