Football Reacts : Manchester United Vs Barcelona | UEFA Champions League Draw

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Football Reacts : Manchester United Vs Barcelona | UEFA Champions League Draw

Champions League Quater Final Draw
Manchester United Vs Barcelona


De Facto says:

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Nana Akwesi Atta Mensah says:

Press F to pay respect to Man U, Ajax, and Porto. Especially Man United

Christian Young says:

United is going to get clapped

Sadam Mohamed says:

People in here talking like they play for Barcelona ?????

Cyril Shibu says:

Solskjaer is not lucky, he won against PSG, champions of FRANCE! He used the flippin C team to beat dem. Dont underestimate dem.

Omar Tamer says:

Man United 2-1juventus man United: ok that's good
man United 3-1psg man United: ok that's amazing
Man United vs Barca man United: ok what you need from us now !

1000 subscribers with no videos says:

Why Is Everyone Writing Off Porto/Ajax/Spurs It's The Champions League They Are There For Reason… Ajax Knocked Out Real Madrid…. Spurs Knocked Out One Of The Best Teams In Germany And Liverpool Are Gonna Have One Eye On The League So The Players Might Have A Few Nerves About The League And Man Utd It's Gonna Be Hard But Look At The Psg Game All I Am Saying Is Anything Could Happen

Bahasht Sorani says:

Man u are screwed

ColonelKilroy 99 says:

I'm a Barca fan..but in the EPL I'm with Man United..
After the draw I shut myself..

I'm still with Barca
Then, Now, Forever…
Visca El Barca!!

mohammedmess channel says:

Whoever made that Barca and ref shirt is a big assholes than Mia khalifa's ass

mohammedmess channel says:

Those assholes who think United are gonna progress they are wrong we aren't like Madrid

Nasif says:

2:13 in it

Turbo Gaming says:

Lol you wanna beat Barcelona. You didn’t even dominate the game against PSG and you want to beat Barcelona. What a joke! In top of that, Barcelona will not miss like PSG did.

saladass says:

they will put a hell of afight against us,but ole and the players don't have the expierince(maybe execpt pogba since he reached the final with juve) in ucl to beat us,i think this is the first time since saf that man u advance in a quarters final,so yeah

hshdahj jshdga says:

this is supposed to be funny?

Ryan Wilson says:

Should be called
Stupid united fans that think they will beat barca

pako speed Denver says:

If Barca doesnt win it Utd better take it

S.A vids says:

Eagerly waiting for Juventus vs barcelona

RaFACT Beneeatesh says:

My predictions(I'm optimistic so shit the hell up if you think I'm retarded )

Davz Balian says:

I know man u have beaten psg,arsenal n all possible teams,they could even barca but but but….the Alien,The goat,,……boy he never bottles it when he can do it…

K1 BarcaBoy says:

It’s always biased to Liverpool for some fucking reason, I hate it.

Momo Stop1 says:

Every one saying man utd is afraid i dont think so

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