Manchester United vs Barcelona 1-0 – UCL 2007/2008 – Highlights (English Commentary)

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GugaTV says:

Manchester Utd vs Barcelona UCL 2009:
Manchester Utd vs Barcelona UCL 2011:

King Kev!! says:

Ucl winners! ☺️ ggmu

ka luka says:

I miss you paul?

CD DB says:

This ManUtd team would've won every trophy possible (I.e FAcup&SuperCup) and broken records for consecutive PL titles etc…had they not signed Berbatov and kept Tevez happy for just an extra couple of seasons.
You look at the team's Tevez scores against the likes of Chelsea, Liverpool etc…he includes big games in his goal tallies, not just a flat track bully at best like lazy Berbatov who never won the FAcup or Champions league in his career for anyone, lost a few for ManUtd himself (Tevez 3 years younger has won both competitions, he's also won more PL title's and more league titles in other countries, brings more goals per season and has had a much better career and played for multiple giant clubs unlike Berbertov) and 30m Berbaflop only scored 5 champions league goals for ManUtd in 4 seasons (all group stage goals, none in knockouts and 2 scoreless seasons in the competition 09/10 & 10/11) and just 1 goal against a top5 team in the 4 years he played in the Prem for ManUtd and there's so many trophies we couldve won if he wasn't so shit but I don't recall Tevez ever letting ManUtd down when he played for them, even helped us in the next couple of seasons by scoring against rival team's which helped us in the table and he was good as a starter or sub for ManUtd despite understandably being frustrated at being a sub and not starting games he's earned the right to start which Berbatov hadn't but Berbatov was shit as a sub made no impact off the bench and was nowhere near good enough as a starter either. He was a useless signing really.

No wonder he was sold for 3m to Fulham while Tevez was sold for much more and continued to be successful and just look at what Tevez individually contributed to a much weaker ManCity team than today and still a weaker team than ManUtd at the time in 09/10 ManUtd lost the PL by just 1 point and Berbatov was a shambles that season 12 goals in all competitions for ManUtd while Tevez scored 29 for ManCity who finished 5th. You just know ManUtd would've got the record 4 Prems in a row with Tevez alongside 34 goal man Rooney. Tevez scored 3 times against Chelsea who nicked the title that season but ManCity won home&away against Chelsea thanks to Tevez…Berbatov was useless against the big teams as per usual which cost ManUtd the title. As well as bad refereeing decisions in big games but Berbatov still had a chance to perform in a massive game at OldTrafford vs Chelsea that season and didn't, no goal scored or created, a draw would've been ok but we lost and therefore went on to narrowly lose the title and he played vs Blackburn in the following game which was last chance saloon and again failed to do anything and 0-0 was the result and the final blow. He wasn't scoring at all towards the end of that season, even the late win against ManCity was Scholes keeping the race alive with Berbatov completely uninvolved even in the build-up to the goal.
The only reason Berbatov wasn't sacked after that season was because no big team were willing to pay anywhere near what ManUtd made the mistake of paying for him so he had to stay a bit longer.
Luckily we got Hernandez the following season and he helped us win the title…as well as Tevez again lol…like Hernandez for ManUtd, Tevez for ManCity scored a crucial goal against Chelsea again when Chelsea were top and hadn't lost a game at that point but that 1-0 loss for Chelsea disrupted their flow and they started dropping points quite regularly after that. Berbatov didn't score against the teams near the top and a quarter of his final goal tally that season was in 1 game which sums him up, then he misses great chances in the bug games i.e ManCity 1-0 FAcup semi-finals and denies us a final against Stoke and Ferdinand, Vidic, Evra, VanDerSar and many others who deserved to finish their career with an FAcup winners medal are denied because of Berbaflop and that was his best season at ManUtd which says it all!

Macdondor Kharumnuid says:

2019 miss them.. respect

Maliki Mustafa says:

When football not abt money..

Ilkin Kerimov says:

Barselona ❤❤❤

joao marques says:

timaço do Barça sempre gostei muito do Yaya toure.

Franly Nggariwo says:

Van der sar.?

an soom raee says:

Did Furgison really said fuck after getting park shot missed 1:32

Adam Bevan says:

Van Der Sar is a legend

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