Beckham Confronts LA Riot at AC Milan vs LA Galaxy Game

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The LA Riot Squad continued to boo Beckham during the La Galaxy vs. AC Milan game on July 19, 2009. At half time, Beckham confronts the un-friendly crowd.


DJLOUIE1000 says:


Josh Mitchell says:

and kill there own

Josh Mitchell says:

fuck off fat yank

Naruto Uzumakee says:

If u r talking about my shortcuts than hey mate i can speak 7 languages fluently, and bits of other 3. English is just a language like any other. It's a native language of British and u as an american what is yours? Borrowed language from British? Why don't u have your own?

INTHEFACE080 says:

well americans are fat, lazy , oblivious to everything outside america, and you all shoot machine guns, especially in texas,

Alex H says:

The ratio of obese people to the number of people is higher in the USA, that's why people use it as a stereotype. I doubt people say it because they saw "one" fat person in America.

Nib Bin says:

problem is you don't only see one, you see a load.

fifanator boom says:

no they don't they have hairy/stinky/weird people there come to australia the only normal place

Jonathon Mark says:

no we dont… only your ma

Tony Ignacio says:

"Kick His Ass Beckham!" – Random Fan

ArrowTwoOne says:

you got that BANG on! we dont. theyre usually americans holidaying.

Ala YM says:

no, but most people in america are stupid.

so dumb they think that sacha baron cohens description of the american democracy in his newest movie was just a joke.

watch it yourself, checkout Rmoney contra ron paul. and look into how that happened

Warp_ says:

fucking americans! one of the best footballing legends went to america to make the mls more famous and known and this is how you yanks repay him? fucking scum.

coolkid1901901 says:

I agree England and other European countries is known for having hooligan Supporters who burn stadiums when their team does bad in a game but one bad thing happens to a British Player in America the whole world says America are Far and drunk yes some people do get drunk at games but not all of them

jhm85 says:

@Tazzie1997 too much hanging out with tom cruise

Gareth Keenan says:

What exactly is happening here and who are the riot squad and why are they booing Beckham?

CooCooCuchoo says:

L.A. riot squad haha what the fucking hell is that?!?! embarrassing

TheAchoron says:

@rush1231 america or the us?

SupermanGoingDown says:

maldini shook Beckham's hand! he obviously gained weight since retired or took an arrow in his knee? perhaps ?

Issa says:

@mrlovedromeo0123 like 100% of people who doesn't live iin LA

Mars NS says:

@rush1231 Please dont use "you" and "Europe" in the same sentance please. We all hate each other. Not like we hate americans, your just a bit retarded. We really just want to kill eachother.

Ben Harris says:

@gunnersluverr So you can't criticise a team if you like the area that they're from..? Also, Beckham isn't just a legend in England, he's a legend worldwide for the sport as a whole, because most football fans respect how good someone is regardless of what league he plays in, would you not consider Messi a legend, because he isn't American and hasn't (and hopefully never will) play in MLS?

DramaticLT says:

@gunnersluverr What am I reading? Just because LA is an amazing city doesn't mean they don't have a joke of a football team. Hypocrites? Yes, but aren't Americans too? Do they not make fun of the English for having bad teeth, as if they don't have bad teeth? It's called stereotypes, everybody does it. As much as you may not like to admit it, Beckham is a legend, in England, in America, he is a worldwide legend, he's one of the greatest players to play the most popular sport in the world.

A_S996 says:

You know what, I didn't even what LA Galaxy was till Beckham went there.

Akklaim1 says:

What was the final score?

Linn Win says:

"kick his ass beckham"

aclock2 says:

@ManlnCognito Yeah, with a shitload amount of cash. Beck gets the money, LA gets the status, all fair and square.

ImJustDead says:

He is playing for an American team what did he expect. Those bitches still call it soccer, if it was not for Beckham and Henry, MLS "soccer" would still SUCK … They have a world class player in their team and they boo him … ???

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