Liverpool vs AC Milan 2005 Champions League Final (FIFA)

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Liverpool vs AC Milan 2005 Champions League Final HD Highlights/Goals

Here is an Awesome Remake by StRoobstoneMedia of properly one of the greatest UCL Final in Football History!

Check out the real life version here:

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The 2005 UEFA Champions League Final was the final match of the 2004–05 UEFA Champions League, Europe’s primary club football competition. The show-piece event was contested between Liverpool of England and Milan of Italy at the Atatürk Stadium in Istanbul, Turkey on 25 May 2005.Liverpool, who had won the competition four times, were appearing in their sixth final, and their first since the Heysel Stadium disaster in 1985. Milan, who had won the competition six times, were appearing in their second final in three years and tenth overall.

Liverpool 3 -3 AC Milan

After extra time: Liverpool win 3-2 on penalties

Liverpool VS AC Milan 2005 Historical Champions League Final Highlights Goals 2005 FIFA 12 Version EA Sports Online Seedorf Maldini Kaka Pirlo Crespo Shevchenko Riise Steven Gerrard Xabi Alonso SASportsGaming


pera eric says:

can remake goal batistuta vs man united

Elie Chalhoub says:

People who are commenting that some goals are not even close to the real ones… This is FIFA, and he did a great job, he can't copy it 100%

Willsyb0y says:

who notices where it says friendly at the start…
but great video

Keith Hannon says:

Liverpool will be back one day soon YNWA

Ionuț Bogdan says:

Barcelona – Arsenal

Nikhil Ghade says:

nice video..but here you are not even close to what was Kaka's pass to Crespo!!

Matt Lennon says:

This is awesome, must of taken a while

Jack Reilly says:

gerrards goal was the most accurate

John Smith says:

Absolutely brilliant video! Almost the same as real life! Well done mate! YNWA
Liverpool will be back soon everyone!

maziczek915 says:

Why Dudek don't DANCE!!??

Alex Zavarzin says:

fifa sucks, but well done.

AmplifiedShot says:

The best football match in recent history…amazing!

Andreas Marggraf says:

it's the atatürk olympic stadium in istanbul

Mrsilasfly says:

gerrard the legend. 😀

roy huggett says:

face plant lol

Hayden. B says:

what stadium is that ?

Martin Valdez says:

no! i want uefa on fifa

TheRoadToMerseyside says:

Did i just see Suarez?

Atom drum Bob says:

And just remember, scousers fought in two world wars and out in afghan for people like you, so show some fuckin respect! I pity 'internet warriors' like you lad! 🙂 You're the lowest of the low!!

Atom drum Bob says:

You're just a small minded, gobshite, Liverpool is one of the friendliest cities, it's only cause of football we get a bad name, but your life is obviously, so insignificant you blame my city for all your personal troubles and don't have a clue about what a great city it is cause you're so ignorant and pathetic. One day hopefully, you will realise that everything you're talking about is bullshit and that you're just a sad bastard who seeks attention on youtube cause your own life is so dull!

Atom drum Bob says:

Classless, stupid comment. Children get killed in all cities, not just Liverpool. You Fuckin moron!

toddie32 says:

Lolz, saw Crespo running when Sevchenko missed >:) U trolled us :p

KAOZSS says:

This is my best childhood memory!

game over says:

@GamezHD987 you mean barca vs arsenal

GamezHD987 says:

Can you do the Barca vs Liverpool 2006 Paris final ?

Levi P says:

Fail it says friendly at the beginning

nimz98 says:

amazing moment nearly made me cry, Well i did in the match in 2005. Truly spectacular.

95hellrider says:

if this happened today Liverpool would get battered

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