Philippe Mexès Amazing Bicycle Kick Goal -AC Milan 1-0 Inter Milan 25/07/2015. Best goal ever?

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Mexes with another stunner in a pre season friendly for AC Milan against rivals Inter


Elbow aRm says:

I remember watching this. I was in shock

el buen perro says:

That's not a bicycle kick. It's a goddamn flying kungfu-scissor kick. And it's should be the goal of the 2015

L Michele says:

zlatan has scored has scored a lot
of Good goals not mexes thats why zlatans better

RagingUtai says:

northern shaolin kick

Mike Hunt says:

imagine that was a league game in the san siro

steve baggio says:

Kung Fu-half scissor 🙂

rezzydeal says:

thats not a bicycle kick

Fouad Ahmed says:

Arabic commentary :v

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