Heineken Advert Spoof OCtober 200 Ac Milan Real Madrid

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This advert was excellent worked out and spoofed lots of boyfriends and husbands who wanted to be at home watching the match. Not an Opera.
Our consumers (focus: males 18-24) are getting older, duties and responsibilities put at risk their sacred beer moments with friends. We needed to make our target perceive Heineken as the closest brand to the beer drinkers, making them live an amazing and unconventional brand experience.
Describe how the promotion developed from concept to implementation:
To convey the brand position (the entertaining beer) and make our target experience how important is preserving their beer moments with friends, we created a trap for 1000 ACMilan Fans. On the same evening of the match Real-Madrid vs Milan, we brought them to a fake event mixing poetry and classical music. We used 200 our accomplices that, provided with invitation card sponsored by Heineken, persuaded our victims to skip the match and go to the concert. Heineken would have never let its target miss the game, that’s why after 15 mins of concert, we revealed the trap and let the audience join the match on a huge screen.
Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results:
This promo brought a very high brand awareness increment. TV news, newspaper and blogs widely spoke about the event and it definitively empowered the image of the brand even against its competitor. 1000 victims directly experienced it at the Auditorium, 6 million people saw it live on TV, other million people read about it on the news or on the web the days after. Even after several months, people keep on talking and making buzz about this event that had a very strong impact on our target.
Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service:
Promoting the Heineken sponsorship with UEFA Champions League through an event definitively unconventional for beer drinkers has been an innovative way to involve our target and create an immediate activation. The main objective of a Promo is finding a relevant and engaging for the target. The reward here has been an amazing entertaining experience, totally consistent with the brand philosophy and with the target aspiration.

Description of Ambient execution:
Heineken is the main sponsor of the UEFA Champions League, that’s why, on October the 21st, the big match Real- Madrid vs Milan became a perfect occasion to create a brand experience for our target. Everything took place in a prestigious Auditorium in Milan. On the same evening of the match, we organized a fake event, mixing poetry and classical music: the “Die Shnuren” performance. Supported by 200 accomplices (also journalists have been involved), we brought more than 1000 AC Milan fans to the Auditorium, where for about 15 minutes, they could enjoy this experimental show performed by a string quartet, whose music accompanied a very intellectual video projection. As time went by, the video projection started giving the audience some clues and after 15 minutes it revealed the trap, creating a huge enthusiasm in the auditorium and developing the key message in a strong way: reminding to our main consumers (males 18-24) the importance of preserving their sacred beer moments with friends. On the big screen was now broadcasted live the big match and the 1000 victims, together with our accomplices, could enjoy a special vision of the match, offered by Heineken. SKY Sport broadcasted it live, so that everything has been shared with other millions people who were watching the match on TV.

Basic description of the project:
We arranged an event to make beer drinkers experience how important preserving their most sacred moments, increasingly at risk by duties and responsibilities as time goes by. The perfect occasion was the UEFA Champions League (sponsored by Heineken) Real Madrid vs AC Milan. Our accomplices persuaded 1000 AC Milan fans to sacrifice the game on TV for a fake performance combining classical music and poetry. We revealed the trap just in time to make them enjoy the match on a huge screen, turning Heineken’s sponsorship into a unique brand property.

uploaded by Niall Mulrine Pc Clean, Ballybofey, Co. Donegal Ireland,
mob: 086-2377033


midonalink says:

See now that if a good commercial

Niall Mulrine says:

fatboy slim-right here right now is the song

Alessandro Abruzzese says:

what is the song that start at minutes 4:08??? I like it very much 🙂

fj alsha says:

THis is the best ad everrrrrrrrr

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