UEFA Champions League 2018 Final – Liverpool vs Real Madrid

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This video is the Gameplay of Liverpool vs Real Madrid UEFA Champions League 2018 Final

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PesMe says:

Who do you think will win the Champions League Final 2018?

cassiano isaac e amigos says:

Liverpool Win like

adil123 xi says:

Real madrid just won tge champions league becuase of fuking karis and fuking ramos who injurded salah

adil123 xi says:

Liverpool lost final 2018 real life

iberia gabrwyindeba says:

liverpool liverool I love liverpool!!!!

Hesja Amedi says:

No no no no no no no no no no no Real Madrid winners champions League 2018 spin ??????????????????????

david says:

Liverppol will win the final

carlos caizana says:

Dio real madrid jajaja chupa

Pedro De La Cruz says:

The final of the 2018 was the most disappointing competition in the history of football, it was a real disgust to see a Real Madrid that gives them a super team with players dogs especially Sergio Ramos, I feel sorry for myself when I waste my time watching such a trash sporting event.

Petruz Silalahi says:

hahahaha.. kura2 son

Ju-Nyun Kim says:

Salah's play is fantastic and I am fasinatded by his play.

Berni Albeno says:

So fake the liverpool only had one goal and real madrid three salah wasnt even playing 2 goal of bale a nd 1 of benzema also 1 of maune i think

Cristian ORÉ RECUAY says:

Ramos will be eliminated from this game.

Sport Day says:

Real Madrid winner ??❤??⚽

md.salauddin raju says:

Ilov Mohammad Salah….

pankhity aryan says:

Thus y I love lev

scarlet oyster says:

the only place liverpool can win against real #CHAMP13NS

Meerub Sadiq says:

It's fake. Yesterday REAL MADRID won from LIVERPOOL in UEFA CUP.

YouTube User says:

The LIVER is always the WINNER ??

Silver Zenith says:

Fuck you now Real Madrid win la noobies

Bappy sd says:

if M. Salah wouldn't be injured, the result might be as it is here

Misty Tips says:

This is the great match


Real madrid is the best???????????


Некого не будет



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