PES 2018 myClub | AC Milan Legends Opening #55

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Md. Ibrahim Husain says:

You know what brother you don't know how to play PES 2018 perfectly. Rather you're very very good in abusing for no reason. Plz stop this and try to be calm

euloghtos says:

I won gulit in spin Xaxaxaaxa incredibleee man omfg 5 spins and get gulit…….

skitacon says:

Fuck konami and their retarded pes I didn't buy it this year and I am so happy. This game have nothing to do with real football stupid konami idiots stick to some rpg or action games

Daniel Arnavas says:

How did this guy get so much gp?

Dylan Kasim says:

I feel your pain

Higher Self says:

I got Maldini and Zanetti pretty quickly was super chuffed!

Stefano valencia mendoza says:

Que suerte chaval.

James Briggs says:

Its a computer game, why do you get so angry, does your mum mind you using all that bad language

Khalid Khalifa says:

why people get mad when get shit players? why get excited when get good players? why get angry when lose game? why get happy when win?

No matter what, you'll always get the same outcome. the game decides who wins and who loses! so except this and play the scripted game without moaning or stop playing it.

how long this been happening? 2, 3, 4 5 years? and how long have you been moaning?
has your moaning fixed the game?……..exactly!

I love playing football games online but only when I win if I played good or lose if I played bad. whats the point of me playing if the result is decided no matter what?

FYI, the scripting and lagging it's not there because the company who made the game can't fix it. It's there because it makes them a lot more money! so don't think that the company is trying to fix it no! the company put there for profit! u dig?

LET'S PES says:

I hate the fact that Konami does not even care to conceal their obvious script which makes you lose a game to noobs when you are on a good winning streak. Scripting in this game is on another level and it is hilarious.

Shahzad Janjua says:

You had the wrong mind set from the start. No uniform. No professionalism. No points


Hi man. I spend 20k just got a black ball goal keeper!!!

samco84 says:

Lucky men!!!

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