Juventus vs. A.C. Milan

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Both AC Milan and Juventus need 3 big points this weekend to continue to move up the Serie A table.

Who wins?

Only FIFA knows! Now that FIFA has predicted, it’s your time to predict the scoreline! Put your score in the comments below!

Now down to our commentator, Anthony Richardson.

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Fitz Manansala says:

I miss this show

Brian Clarke says:

Juventus 2. 0 Milan.

jayden gaming your youtube champion says:

3.1 juv wins

Jose Santay says:

1-0 Juventus

allan gathecha says:

I laughed way more than i should have

James Hawthorne says:

checkout my channel!!

Samuel Adamo says:

Dybala!! ❤️❤️⚪️⚫️⚪️⚫️💣💣💣

Will Kelly says:


Chasbaconswag says:

Uhhhh that tooth is so annoying I just want to punch your face so I can knock it out

ImLeeJR says:

Exeter City 3-2 Yeovil Town

Jack H says:

ac 3-4 juve

sportsfan117 says:

1-0 Juventus Dybala to score at the 65th minute

TurtleGerbil 67 says:

Juventus 3 Mila 1 final score

farmingsimBOSS !! says:

2-0 juventus

Nilas Er kulere en deg says:

2-1 to juventus

Plunderers FC says:

Surely have a sneaky look at Plunderers FC YT channel

Adrian Uresti says:

2-0 Juventus

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