Krzysztof Piątek 'as brave as a lion' in AC Milan vs. Atalanta – Paul Mariner | Serie A

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Paul Mariner and Alejandro Moreno break down AC Milan’s 3-1 victory over Atalanta in which Krzysztof Piątek scored two goals to bring him two behind top scorer and Juventus star Cristiano Ronaldo. Mariner says Piątek is “as brave as a lion” and Moreno says Piątek has great field awareness and has all the necessary instincts to be a successful striker.

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Foot Fan says:

Lajkujcie żeby angole,
myślały że coś ciekawego napisałem XDDDD

lucky luke says:

la pistolera funkcjona

Adam Adam says:

Aż mam ciary na wewnętrznym nosaczu.

Sig Snrub says:

Just blow your nouse

Schyderap says:

18th goal today 🙂

Cyryl says:

He's quick, he's fast, and he's got pace

Ali Hassan Mohamed says:

messi will come to ac milan when he is 33 yrs of age as rivaldo, ronaldo(Brazilian) and Ronaldinho did already


That touch on his first goal was pure class. Yes he positioned himself well, but the strike was a level of skill that not many current strikers have.

Rom Per says:

piatek is all a 9 is about.
He can get the ball everywhere on the field his own box included yet the first thing he looks at is the opposite goal keeper.

Mauro Borghese says:

Tenetevi stretto il gordo noi abbiamo piatek

Tobias Andersen says:

NOT quite the same teammates Milan added paqueta too

John49910110 says:

Best striker in the World!!!!???????

TheBoniek20 says:

Well said, Paul Mariner!!! Haha, mate, you don’t mess about….I remember you as a striker back in the day…..great no nonsense goal celebration in the ‘82 World Cup as well!

Come on, Piatek!!!

thciswack99 says:

Paul with some great insight but FUCK ALE MORENO ANALYSIS. Guy has no respect for a club big as Milan talking about them like it’s some sort of midtable club. Homie played for DC United right? Trash ass

Adam Smith says:

Piatek is very good

Ryan W says:

Dumbass ESPN would probably try to downplay this

Clark Kent says:

Piątek NEW Lewandowski? No! Better!
Piątek NEW Piątek! ?

Internet Reacts says:

Watch Piatek outscore Ronaldo

Daniel says:

Piatek is in my opinion the only player in the world that can almost guarantee at least one goal in every game

John49910110 says:

Ale ale Piatek??????Milan Pistolero??????

Piotr Marcinkiewicz says:

He should play the whole game and beat Ronaldo in the scoring race

beapapdv says:

Piatek is a great 9. He has a killer instict !!!

Sten Rolinski says:

What's difference can do just one player (Piatek) for all team (AC Milan), INCREDIBLE !!!!!!!!!!!!

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