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Transfer Tinder is back as Rob Armstrong and Jack Davis discuss David Silva to AC Milan, Adrien Rabiot to Inter Milan and Mesut Ozil to Manchester United.


Music: Jason Pedder / Ben Ziapour / Jamie Ziapour – Harlem Hot Club (Audio Network)

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Vegard Riis says:

3 months… math ain't your strongsuit is it?

Timothee Vasseur says:

bath reserve outside wrist lower protective eliminate diagnosis lie launch cross brain

thomas Arop says:

I do need ozil rather than offering Man United Alex Sanche from Arsenal to wear No:7. What is difference between Ozil and Depay Mempis

Nicklas Ander says:

Alexis out lemar in. Özil out draxler in. Add goretzka and van dijk and arsenal will be fine.

Kurona Inoue (黒奈井上) says:

I can see ozil to Man U
Just like what happened to Robin Van Persie. Winning the league in the season he arrived!

Ron Onyonka says:

6:51 An absolute uproar among the city fans. I'm sure all three of them will be pretty livid if they sold him.

Isak Hansson says:

Just imagine arsenalfanTV if Özil went to ManU

Paras Adhikari says:

No wayyy we sell Silva! There's no-one like him! He can play for one or two more season!

Waleed Alsiraji says:

He better go to a better team honestly. I'm an arsenal fan sadly but he is going no where with shifty arsenal,

west ham boy says:

why would man united want ozil for that amount of money when his nearly out of contract

Callum Leigh Montgomery says:

I think we good sign Ozil, purely because I think we will let Mata go back to Spain for free. If Mata says, I'd rather keep him.

og87 says:

2 com shields and 3 fa cups I think no? Maybe 3 and 3

Dante Machi says:

this man is chatting so much shit. Rabiot would never leave PSG for Liverpool

Anthony Salerno says:

David silva is joining las palmas in three years….. Do some research

Supertomiman says:

We have Juan Mata, we have Henrikh Mkhitaryan, we have Zlatan Ibrahimovic, we're possibly going to sign Griezmann next summer. Why on God's Green Earth would we sign Mesut Özil now?

Cathal Mcl says:

If United sign Özil that means Mhkitaryan can't play CAM and he's so good there

Minhaj Nizam says:

United dont even need Ozil

Gary Warburton says:

in January they can approach him for free.

Marcus De Villiers says:

25 mill for Rabiot? Is that a joke.

PackedMouse says:

David Silva isn't going anywhere

The Mighty Dab says:

2:35 a defensive midfielder signing for Liverpool? Don't be ridiculous, we already have Xabi Alonso.. Or at least I think we do.. Wouldn't it be crazy if we sold him years ago and never found a replacement?

Abdullah Ahmed says:

I was a huge fan of Ozil @ Real Madrid not been much of a fan of him @ Arsenal but yeah would take him on a free. He clicks with Jose really well knows what would be expected of him so could do well @ Old Trafford won’t have much pressure anyways on him either because the focus is always on either Lukaku or Pogba. And it will piss a few Arsenal fans off so why not ?

Coolkid 000099 says:

Please don't leave Ozil

Carlos Ayala says:

Inter Milan is a way bigger club than PSG lol

Umm No says:

Every time I do a career on FIFA mesut ozil signs for Barca or Man U

Isak Pettersson says:

Want it to happen just for ArsenalFanTV ?

abdu2s says:

I love your videos but you seriously need a new sound and microphone guy

Unicorn says:

I like how when they discussed the Oziil rumour, they ignored the likes of Lacazette, their recent run of form (8 games unbeaten at home) and in terms of success, the FA cup is something when you're talking about Arsenal

Daryl Bert says:

Id take Rabiot any day ahead of Emre Can

Jonas filberg says:

He's been average af 3 out of 5 season for us so sell him ffs. #OzilOut

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