Manchester United 13-4 AS Roma All Goals 2006-2008

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Total: 6 Games

Manchester United 4
Roma: 1

Draws: 1


Təği Xancanov says:

süper Göller

The Boss says:

1both of them are my favariout team


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Maxwell Bamfo says:

ronaldo did not last longer at manu solskjaer should bring him back

Dj Phrankye A.K.A Kiloo says:

just wasted my precious time watching prank

Ericka Hahn says:

Along square board echo comfort capacity gay nearby channel.

Azamat Khatamov says:

I love sow das sckors

Joe Dyson says:

Also the referee who gave that shocking penalty at 3:48 was the man who Chelsea fans hate so much

Joe Dyson says:

Roma fans were utter scum in the 2007 1st leg, needless to say revenge is a dish best served cold with the 7-1

Ayavuya Mjiaco says:

Me to I thought it was 13-4 also

Hmingi Tlau says:

ronaldo is the best

gabar haday kula dhalatay iga xishoo says:

1:12 rooooooooooneeeeeeeeeey legend

footballer_19__ Goals-Skills-Tricks says:

Help me also , send me links of some group , plssa

footballer_19__ Goals-Skills-Tricks says:

Do you get any money

Sammi McLean says:


Wayeg Erwin says:


Fodé Diallo says:

Oh my goals

T R I B E says:

Totti is still bitter about this ? there was time when Fergie wanted to sign him when United needed a playmaker and Totti said he would never join Manchester United ?

Apeyesi Lawrence says:

I like Manchester United from My heart since 2006 and I like

Oleg Druzhynets says:

Poor Roma! 😀

Naing Nine says:

Mancherster united is white or red?? This vedio is fake.

Kaung Pyae Sone Win says:

i forgot tevez used to play for man united.

mm43501 says:

AS Roma: the Europe's bitch.

Suk Suk says:


Vidal Vanaswegen says:

same here I wandering

Yasir Punathil says:

3:10 see the lightening coming and bangs

PolaroidFreak 600 says:

1:53 that Carrick goal :0

vu hoang says:

lam lon j co ghep vua tbui dkm bon nay toan lua luc thi ao do luc thi ao trang lam lon j ma co truyen nhu the

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