Ricardo Kaká vs Everton – HD720p by BaSeBuildeR16

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Hello to everyone!. This is my comp with HD!
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Match edited by BaSeBuildeR16.
Kaká Comps Videos
2013/2014 Pre-season
Match with Portuguese Commentary! 🙂

Many tags. IGNORE.
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jefferson Uchiha says:


5300d says:

ronaldo bale ozil kaka alonso modric ramos varane pape malcelo cassillas

5300d says:

ronaldo bale

pato5413 says:

1:12 pirlo + xavi + Alonso pass

Guga KakaTV says:

Just awesome! I'm not at home now, so I can't watch Kaka's games. I am enjoying from your comps.

iK22- says:

Same me hahaha 😛

Ricky J says:

i copy his movement and everyday I watch him on YouTube

Michael Florestal says:

GREAT ………..animoKAKA

iK22- says:

Thank you 🙂

joão Paulo says:

thank you , keep doing that fast, good job , I like of see the games of Kaká , and he'll be back like in 2007, and return the be one the best players in the world !

Inzy Wong says:

skip school and make these videos full time! lol JK. Do whatever feels good. I'm good, I will always somehow find kaká in some real madrid highlight vids =P

iK22- says:

Really great know that ;), you make me the day :), but i dont know if i still uploading this videos because soon i start exams and school and this is a little "waste of time" when i must study and do homeworks, but, big thanks for comment, really great know this 🙂

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