Ricardo Kaká vs Manchester United – Away (24/04/2007) (English Commentary)

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the legend says:

A game not forgotten history Kaka

Siltonke clash says:

Kaka in legends.

Saikat Das says:

He is a real Gem always….

Manuel Gomez says:

Was the best.. but stayed in italian team too long.. lol

bajaale Ina baarqab says:

What a speed, skill Ricky kaka one of the best playmaker ever. Kaka and pirlo combined some thing else

I'm juve fan I miss this milan

The Almighty Pancake Face says:

Fun fact in German his name means ‘shit’

Abhilash Naskar says:

Kaka beat 4 players with 4 touches. Legendary player.

Socrates Honorio says:

Como todo brasileño se fue a la m…

Manny K says:

His 2nd goal does not get the credit it deserves 3v1 and he done them all he was brilliant at his best

JoeMilano9 says:

Back when life made sense

Mbah Parman says:

Kaka adlh bintang lapangan hijau yg berwajah sangat tampan

Mehraban says:

I’m a Man Utd player. We were the dons in this era. Players like Kaka really impressed alongside Messi and R9. However we did beat AC Milan 7-2 on aggregate the next year

William Sarkol says:

Kaka is the good like ????

fan kaka' AC milan says:

I love kaka from vietnam

Joris Happi says:

But what happened 3 years later? Oh Yh 7-2

Flexer MC says:

When kaka won ballon d'or over Cristiano ronaldo and Lionel messi. Good times

ammar alhada says:

2019 and kaka still the best player i've ever seen

Nacef Med amine says:

Thank you ❤❤?

forzajuju13 says:

With english commentary it's amazing. Good work

A Mulli says:

They don’t make players like him anymore

Guga KakaTV says:

One of Kaka's best performances! (Reupload)

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