10 Barcelona Transfer Summer Targets 2019

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10 Barcelona Transfer Summer Targets 2019

This is 10 Barcelona Transfer Summer Targets 2019.. watching

10 Barcelona Transfer Summer Targets 2019


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Mes Que un Club Barcelona says:

De ligt is new player barca

XGamerX says:

Jovic and De Ligt are enough!
Barça should also target Dybala.
Edit: Lo Celso is also a talented young midfielder.

Adolfo Reynoza says:

Trade onana for Cillessen, would be a great move for both teams

Adolfo Reynoza says:

Barca should get jovic or rashford and for leftback go for grimaldo and cb for de ligt and i doubt felix will leave this summer but hopefully we end up going for him next summer but his value is not even close to 15 mil they want to about 100mil

Kareem C says:

There’s no way we buy VVD we don’t need him.

fathar amla says:

Son of a bitch when did BARCA target VVD

all about gaming and pets says:

Van djik no chance. Priced 90mil+100mil =190 mil

hasse ravelli says:

Only 1 of this 10 is right

Phulei Phom says:

I would like to bring de ligt to barca

Rahatuzzaman Fardin says:

Joao Felix and De ligt needed

Domri Dom says:

Vandik to barca ?????

Rui Thacker says:

I think everyone wants van dijk

Hmingthan Chami says:

Monreal, Seruously

things are way complicated so stop judging says:

Van dijk will not be leaving Liverpool anytime soon may retire there too

Nibz legend says:

Our priorities now, a substitute for Suarez and a substitute for Alba

Marselino Yudistira says:

Barca harus beli pemain buat regenerasi Barcelona yg harus beli barca nmr 1,4,5,9,10 biar Barca kembali ke masa jaya Barcelona lgi seperti era Pep Guardiola bisa raih gelar Champions,Copa Del Rey,La liga

Bosoi Boss says:

They buying Rashford

Hydro HD says:

We only need De Ligt and Jovic and then we are set for a decade

Dksl Ejsjs says:

The second one is not true ??‍♂️ we don’t need any cb

LÄ Rømâ Yàssęr says:

As roma please

Abraham Santaella says:

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Bill Kappas says:

You are the best super video for one more time

Tara Card says:

Klau mnrut saya brca hrus merekrut tim2 utama saja
Soalnya di kubu brcs hrus mengubah taktik gaya dalam transfer nanti seusai liga campions dan bgi brca hrus bsa membli di lini blkang aliyas bek

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