Zidane VS Ac Milan – Corazon Classic Match 2010 by Mr. Zidane Ali

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Jon says:

Commentator "thZIDANEth. GOALThzzz"

Kim Ryen says:

luckely zidane is remembered for his football skills and not the incident in the final against italy

Samia Hassen says:

I like how zizou never panics he was down two nil in the first half and came back the defo of a cool head

raps maradona says:

damned zizou, u still have the magic touch man! thx for all you gave me, it was a pleasure watching your great career!
He has the ability to make things look so easy, but if u try to play like him u just see how much body control and perfection is in his game!in my opinion he is UNREACHED UNTILL TODAY

anelka09 says:

@dyshilton Any team would die to still have him playing, clearly he hasnt lost a step despite being "old".

anelka09 says:

@dyshilton I guess I'll leave you to your opinion. But consider this, Zidane is perhaps the most respected footballer of all time and the classiest to set foot on a pitch. Thats why the incident was shocking, amongst other things. Despite that, charities still consistenly ask him to represent them, I think that says something about the man. You're viewing it from an American standpoint but know that the man is a footballing legend & still attracts thousands with his appearances.

Dylan Shilton says:

@anelka09 how does that not define his career, he shamed his career. and do you really want someone who does shit like that to be a role model for kids? He took his team's chances at winning the title in one second….that's unacceptable for a professional athlete just like all the other things that happen in sports for example Bill Romanowski spitting in another player's face those incidents are unacceptable and they should not be present in pro sports

anelka09 says:

@dyshilton Thats honestly one the most nonsense comments ive seen in a while. Not given a spot because of the headbutt? That moment in no way defines his career, unless you know nothing about him. Even after that, hes still a role model for young unfortunate kids and ones aspiring to become footballer. I apologize for unleashing but clearly man, that was one hell of a stupid post.

Dylan Shilton says:

@jesper0608 i agree zidane has enough skill to be a starter on any team in the world but he would not be given a spot on many teams due to the nature of his incidence in the world cup final which is a sad reality because he is an amazing playerr

Rogger Alvarado says:

que tal elegancia la de zidane…. donde puedo ver el partido completo??

Olvin Ordonez says:

espectacular tantas estrellas juntas

RMSeba13 says:

@jesper0608 Of Course!

KILLER3057 says:

dios mio que forma de jugar con 38 años, que forma de controlar el balon, simplemente me quedo sin palabras ante un de los mejores futbolistas de todos los tiempos.

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