New AC Milan Star – Dominic Adiyiah

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genckee says:

@gppete11 did u ever see Gorge Weah playing …he was great , wtf are u talking

genckee says:

i dont think he would be a great player ,at least in Italy where racism is the worst part what could stop him to play his game..look at balotteli ,he is great but if he would play in England he would be a Superstar right now 😀

dreamiam says:

il nuovo WEAH bel colpo

Pierre Ora says:

The one who sings this Song is from
Esther Amoako
I know Adiyiiah will do well


I did not find the song..Can you find it pleas !?!?

Anonymous says:

song name is GHANA GOSPEL


nice song and nice pleayer

pleas what is the song name ?????

buelesso says:

ma se cala i pantaloni….può giocare anche a baseball! ah ah ah

buelesso says:

mi sembra MATTIA VERZELLETTI con i capelli corti e pelle nera…ah ah ah

mario fier says:

dove lo avete trovato questo barbone hahaha

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