Don't Play Games | Episode 1 | Tango Squad F.C.

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Meet Tango Squad F.C.

The Manager:
Xabi Alonso

The Players:

This season, #TangoSquadFC. will go on the journey of their lives to the ultimate stage. Meeting the best clubs and players in the UEFA Champions League, training and playing with the biggest names in football. Will the team come together to create greatness? Find out this season.

Start your Tango journey:

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Agustina Moreno Barrera says:

These team is the best

Agustina Moreno Barrera says:

Tóese trama is the best Mambo fc

Diles46 - AIRSOFT says:


True Sevz says:

It is actually amazing that I can see my house

PaREeNgAnBa yanglen says:

we lost the final ??????

Bryan Tabe says:

1 white guy. But he fits in!

Chris Gracia says:


Ian Leo says:

Xabi Alonso, the classiest of all players ???

Joe Wahbi says:

Jack Downer is actually a freestyler he’s in something called global…..

The Resistance says:

Is this the Adidas version of the Nike Academy?

Use Tude says:

Honored to be part of this !

Nabil Izzat says:

5:20 they call me happy feat cause my feat always happy


MO OA says:

Love Europe, love you guys. Represent Europe well <3

Jonathan Majoros says:

these guys hug a lot…

Lemony Lamas says:


MirMesh says:

Tango Down we’ll get’em next time everytime they lose a game

Ray Neymar says:

Whys Hazard calling himself Ehsan

Jhardwork Pays off says:

Crazy series potential ballers here

Curinho says:

Xabi Alonso, what a legend will miss him.

jordan job says:

a dont get it what to you get after this a pro contract ?

Jarell Jasso says:

Dis y I love Adidas these videos are motivational ??adidas4life #heretocreate #firstneverfollows?

Paolo Tropiano says:

What is "don't play games"? Why?

Can Do says:

Xabi‼️Come back to Bayern with Lahm.

D Mulder says:

Andre van duin

D Mulder says:

Op andre van duin

Ashvij Hosdurg says:

RIP Nike Academy

Dwipayana Ali Muhammad says:

you cannot get a cooler manager than Xabi..!!! 😀

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