FIFA 11 | You Pick I Play | LA Galaxy Vs AC Milan

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1000 like for the RATHER FAST_____ MAN!?!?!?!??!?(watch the video to understand)

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So i came up with this idea, which would allow my subscribers and viewers to pick which team i should be, to play against a 5/4.5 star team, and try to win.


Jared Franco says:

la galaxy the best

Judy Chen says:

0:50 he was a USA legend

Judy Chen says:

0:36 rip Kansas City wizards

The Alpha Master says:

Love you bro keep it up

Nmphong says:

Barett 50 cal, quick scope. Bang!!!! Lmao I’m dead

Mark L says:

North korea

sina madani says:

so sad that in fifa 16 LA galaxy is better.

Coni says:

back when Milan started to get shit and shiter every day

Axl Kss says:

fast white man!?!
messi and ronaldo bra.

w202 pms says:


Tyler Thomas says:

i know its a penalty

Tyler Thomas says:

you should do dc united

osman burgu says:

you are pro

Darren Astle says:

1:10 racist much

Jylano Nahr says:

Be Roda JC Kerkrade (jupiler league,netherlands)

Aiden Zeccola says:

juventus vs. Barcelona

Ignatius Agian Donisputro says:

Isnt Gareth Bale a rather fast whiteman?

zTaZeRHD says:

are you guys fucking dumb? Why are you commenting teams when he did this series like 2 years ago… Fucking hell , there are some pretty dumb people in the world. He isn't going to come back to FIFA 11 now is he? You know why? 1) He has fifa 12, 13 AND 14 to play on. 2) The FIFA 11 servers are down anyway. Use some common sense.

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