Man United vs Bayern Munich 3-2 All Goals and EXT Highlights w/ English Commentary 2009-10 HD 1080i

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El tio Voldy says:

Valencia and Nani omg

Andreas Pradiva Albert Albert says:

I still remember that Robben goal…and that's the moment I started Hate Robben ? coz I am Man Utd fan.

Robben is amazing player btw, I respect him but hate him since that amazing goal eliminated my team hehehe

That celebration in 08:00 is such a nightmare and always stuck in my head almost decade ????

xlComic says:

I miss this Man Utd so much they played with passion??

British Patriot says:

United can't even make champions leauge now

Paul FitzGerald says:

Remember that game like it was yesterday

Hassan says:

Nani 2009-2012 top top class winger

ItalBres 92 says:

Ribery is truly dumb, that season was perhaps one of his best ones ever and he missed the semi-finals and the final for bad behaviour.

deutscher türke says:

Robben s goal,?stunnig

Asok Satyam says:

I Come hear after lose to everton 4-0

Amir chang says:

First year mant utd without but still beast

the best one says:

oh rafeal…..u destroyed fergusons macth

Kobil Boboev says:

Inter was waiting for anyone in the final. Mour was waiting for any team in the final. Mour knew he is gonna beat any team that gets to the final.

Bình Nguyễn says:

Valencia and nani was better than Ribery and Robben in this match. And Ribery was shut down by Rafael until the red card. Now that is why Sir Alex Ferguson is a legendary manager

Stan Soman says:

Good old days

Ignatius Rocky says:

3:28 nobody see nani's handball?

Ignatius Rocky says:

rafael and fabio so lucky to be in Man U team…

Tomorrow Is My Enemy - Podcast says:

Freakin Sir Alex always loses with Berbatov on the Bench. You can't bench the Godfather

Adjei Boateng says:

How did United not end this tie in the 1st half. Disappointing

flori114 says:

United were the better team in the return. However, Bayern was the better team in the first leg, coming back from being 0:1 down.

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