Liverpool vs Chelsea 2005 – Champions League Semi-Final – 130 decibels pre-match!

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Liverpool vs Chelsea 2005 – Unbelievable atmosphere


Renzz says:

chelsea Chelsea CHELSEA! Chelsea chelseaaaaaa. ? wtf

Al Abbasi says:

Newfound respect after the tour today. Always missed about that ghost goal & the miracle final but I hold my hands up. Liverpool fc are the true team, true love & more than honour. God Bless Liverpool FC & Liverpool. Manchester who!? Lol

Shane Canning says:

In the final

luckenbachtx says:

7:50 The 4 times flag… WE'VE CONQUERED ALL OF EUROPE!

Dhinadhayaalan Ganesan says:

Get in the reds! Hopefully can go all the way and win the Champions league

Draco The Lord says:

The only thing you inbreds can do is sing.

Gonzalo Benitez. says:

Come'on Liverpool!! Congrats from Argentina!

sarnobat2000 says:

The singing after the final whistle was even more breathtaking.

Magin1985 says:

Bring on City

Naheed Bhaudin says:

This win was bigger than the final

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