David Beckham returns to Old Trafford – Man United 4 v AC M

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David Beckham returns to Old Trafford to an amazing reception from the Manchester United fans in United’s 4 -0 second leg win over AC Milan in the last 16 of the Uefa Champions League (7-2 on aggregate). My view from the Stretford End on a night where United showed their true class by thrashing Milan, and the Reds fans and Beckham showed their disgust of club owners – The Glazers – via the now infamous. Love United, Hate Glazer Green and Gold Campaign. LUHG! The Reds go marching on…


Kai Stevenson says:

man u fans can sing? never heard tht before

lukealandrummond says:

Probably get a better one. Ronaldo is the second most sung player at old trafford…we didn't sing about beckham when he left

sagar desai says:

ronaldo will get the same reception !!

AttackMyClone says:

English humour for the win. hahahaha

Football And Fifa says:

Are you mentally disabled? IT WAS A SARCASTIC BOO

juan99997 says:

cristiano ronaldo bastard and stupid

mattlamarr says:

@England7Becks true legend. If giggs can have another season then maybe becks can as well at man u. He has mentioned something in the media about man utd and returning. And lets be fair, he still could fill that big No7 shirt better than Owen

Luthfirrahman dika says:


ibrahimovic339 says:


Milos Mirosavljevic says:

@zighaiwan becks had never been the best footballer around, but anyone who says that he isnt good player just shows that doesnt know nothing about football. its true that his modeling cast a bit of a shadow on him as a player, but he is superb player. his free kicks, assists, his aura on field is just unmatched.

luckystriker says:

"Oh David Beckham, there's only one David Beckham."

GrzechuManUtd says:

so welcome legend!!!!

Marcos Melo says:

What a fucking legend.

mattlamarr says:

One of the best to wear the No 7 shirt… an old trafford legend!! Always be honoured when he returns to his home.

El Sol says:

he shoulda played the 90 mins!!!

pipo737 says:

Manchester united has really great fans.

Mark Damaceno says:

really spanish? with that name ?

JonW007 says:

One David Beckham, There's only one David Beckham! x2

Robinhooo says:

what do they sing?
(I am spanishh )

JayRicci7891 says:


Huge respect for that comment mate. We will get our club back!

Jelly and Ice Cream when Glazer dies!

JayRicci7891 says:

Fergie sign him up!

Love United… Hate Glazer!!

rheinlandromario says:

amazing..i love england soccer

lulu090807 says:

Awesome! thanks for posting!

PedroMRodri says:

he deserves it!

Reuben Jones says:

fantastic stuff

Sebuelon says:

Very awesome! Great reception from the fans 🙂

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