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Battle for Kovacic, Donnarumma to stay, and more in our latest AC Milan news report.

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Rashid Xared says:

back to milano

realmaco1 says:

we will be so lucky if we sign Andrija zivkovic! in fact any team is lucky that gets him. he is said to be the greatest Serbian player to ever the under 20 WC I couldn't tell him and the way messi plays apart!and he was the winner of the best goal of the tournament with an insane knuckle free kick. iam telling u we need this guys and not the others,if u think iam on drugs saying this go and search his season stats up.

DRV13 says:

Sirigu, Tonelli, Izzo, Soriano, Berardi, Pelle, Pavoletti – I want ItalMilan.

ForzaMilan says:

i think we should do a bit of both use oil money to sign players and use our primavera players
the likes of calabria mastali locatelli and many more should get their
chances to show what they are capable of, and in my opinion miha should
stay even if he didn't get us to europa league i think he got the best out of these player plus he improved our defense massively and i think we reached a point where we cant gamble any more by changing the manger it's huge risk unless it's ancelotti. btw i prefer kovacic but if we can get both it would be great.

Florjan says:

Right now milan must pick a project and stick to it. We cant keep starting from scratch every season and hoping a new coach will get us to a champions league position every season. Our main problem though has always been replacing the stars that we have sold. We were lucky that when we sold shevchenko, kaka was at his peak and took over but sheva was never replace until ibra came in 2010. Then within 2 seasons we lost pirlo, van bommel, nesta, thiago silva, seedorf, inzaghi, ibra, pato and cassano without having a replacement ready for either one of them. These players were all leaders apart from pato and cassano. Right now milan has no leaders in the squad. Montolivo is probably the worst player to ever wear milans captain armband. Milan needs to bring in a combination of youth and experience and also a real leader like Ibra. I dont care how old ibra is, no one can deny the fact that he is a leader. Just look at what maccaronne is doing for empoli. Hes 36 and hes one of their most dangerous players. Imagine what ibra could do in serie a if he returned to us. He should be the top priority for milan this transfer market.

Keviño Ramaj says:

For me kovacic is a more creative player

GiovaFai says:

Any news on Antonio Donnarumma's return?

ScarceSmile 95 says:

Zivkovic as he as a bright future. Vazquez will be useless. We need Kovacic as we need a quality midfielder.

Zayd Daoud says:

That intro ???

kollu99 says:

Miha should stay at least for an extra year. I feel he hasn't reached the full potential of his Milan side and after the summer transfer market I think he can really start creating a top 4/top 3 side. I have enormous trust in him and frankly it seems really stupid to me to dump managers so quickly, especially when they're making good progress on the team. Patience is key.

Dwayne k27ism says:

Agreed! i'd rather get Vazquez as well since he's used to the way Serie A teams play so he won't need time to find form compared to players arriving from other leagues (with Bacca as an exception). I'd rather Miha stay as well since he is able to take Milan to the Coppa final with a shitty Milan side in one season and make the most of what he has, Berlu should keep him and see what kind of Milan Miha will build up next season, hopefully he can get rid of a few players and add some new talent to Milan, but i have a question…does anyone know if Mammana is arriving at Milan this summer?

Salem 987 says:

what about the news that Milan will sign Ben arfa

Zakaria Aden says:

honda should go and buy a top class defender and we will qualify for europe

Daniel's Opinion says:

i think Kovacic goes to Tottenham. we will have to wait and see.

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