The Story of Tiémoué Bakayoko – Best Milan Player So Far

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The Story of Tiémoué Bakayoko – Best Milan Player So Far.
This 10 minutes video proving that Bakayoko has improved dramatically in AC Milan.
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CALCIO27 says:

Check my new Donnarumma video:

Sidi Waema says:

I am a Chelsea fan and happy that Bakayoko is back to his best form…But I will be glad if he stays at Milan instead of coming back to Chelsea and losing his form again because it seems Chelsea game doesn't suit him just like Batshuayi,Morata and Lukaku… they're kind of players who can play better away from Stamford bridge

Ada puzzle says:

He is the beast I think he will be the best middle he like dessailly the French

Ardhana Hariwidagdo says:

Bakayoko is Bakayaro

xabig88 says:

AjahahahahahahHHahHHGHshHahahahahahahhahahhahahahahhahahahhahahahhahahahh. Best player ahahhahahhahahhahahahhahahahahhahahhahahha. Poor ac Milan

Sebastian Galarza says:


Viral Videos says:

This is why Renato Sanches should have gone to Italy instead of Germany.

Pollob Boss says:

He is better than jorginho in CDM position

The Major says:

Bakayoko,Bakayoko He fights for the Fans and for the devil Bakayoko , Bakayoko ( on Amore Toujours )

Qazim says:

The best defensiv milan player in the last 5 years

Radek Radajewicz says:

Best Milan Player is P I Ą T E K

Dydul Games says:

where is the song taco hemingway -bakayoko prod.rumak?

Luke Taylor says:

This is the way Milan should go. Exactly the same way Juventus did, they loaned good players that flopped in big teams and loaned them with a buy clause.

Osama AY says:


Jacopo Casabona says:

We love baka?⚫

James O'Sullivan says:

The problem with Bakayoko is he doesn't ever play through-ball passes, pretty much all passes are to feet. It doesn't allow for quick transitions.

van Hamzah says:

Better then jorginho barkley and kovacic back to bridge baka

Mohamed Abuukar says:

Don't worry you will be came zero to hero

Williams Dodoo says:

It is good that he is helping the team now. Good work Gatuso.

Kuldeep Thappa says:

Player needs time and coach attention

Andrea Bombonati says:

Great player

Swarnabh Kashyap says:

Just shows how Chelsea have ruined so many players tbh.

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