REAL MADRID v AC MILAN | Goals, Highlights, Behind the Scenes | Dubai Football Challenge

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Football Daily presents this exclusive behind the scenes documentary from REAL MADRID v AC MILAN!

Documentary courtesy of Sunset +Vine and Dubai Football Challenge.

Introduction –
AC Milan behind the scenes & player interviews –
Real Madrid behind the scenes & player interviews –
Match day build up –
Kick-off –
Half-time skydive –

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Fouad Milano says:

thank you guys for this amazing videos – i was interviewed in the airport of dubai when we were singing for the players of AC MILAN please can i have the full inteview ?? you only put 3 second of it and it was in the minute 4:35 of this video – i've been looking for the full interview with me looong time ago .. kindly reply to me i need to get that interview .. THANKS IN ADVANCE

T D says:

Wow… Madrid was actually beaten : |

Omer Nasim says:

I saw the match


I went to watch that match. Stadium sucked there were no chair at all!

Kemani Laborde says:

12:28 it just had to be ronaldo showing off his legs 

Vignesh says:

Why didn't harry kane win the ballon dor?

Sir M4esTr0 says:

Lol wtf madrid

Purva Pethani says:

i was at the match live

Lucus Kane says:

Everyone in the video(interviews) looks like they are being forced to do it. Lol!

Original_Mr_Pineapple says:

When they said assistant trainer all I thought was France 2010

Alex X says:

Ancelotti with his bubble gums, really epic

Claud says:

Lol, I think emirates asked real to lose the match so one of the teams that promotes their airways which is currently shit doesent look soo bad anymore. I bet in a few months they will make another game in dubai or abu dhabi etc where they will call either rm , arsenal, psg to play against hamburger sv and hamburger will win like 2-0 anyways. Great editing and stuff xD

Yahya Alghorani says:

I was there

Julius says:

Why everyone says AC Milan? It's only Milan.

yoad hordan says:

when was this?

Tim March says:

This is not what footballs about

Carlos Gallon says:

Ain't nobody got time for this!…. I'll watch it later

Rxuiee says:

Hala Madrid!

Mr.FuzzyWuzzy says:

Please more highlights like this.. maybe BPL?
i enjoyed this alot thank you

Loading Screen says:

Reus or Bale? Q&A

CJTaylor 87 says:

Correct me if I were wrong but how on earth is Dubai the leading global sports city? fair enough it may be a leading city globally but a sports city… Melbourne, London, Paris, Tokyo, these are leading sporting cities maybe I am a biased westerner ?
Also thanks for the sight of De Jong the nasty snarling dog who blighted Hatem Ben Arfa, I dont know how he has been allowed to return to his career unencumbered. 

flamingcats100 says:

De Jong is so under rated

Timothy Kim says:

El Shawari?! lol

Mathew Whetsell says:

Lol they made it sound like it was the freaking champions league final. This match was all about the cash bro

Diera Alerod says:

Zlatan to the Juventus

Charlie'sEyeball7duh says:

there was a live youtube feed? wtf

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