Yankee Stadium Time Lapse – Real Madrid vs. AC MIlan: World Football Challenge

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The Yankee Stadium grounds crew prepares the field for the upcoming match between Real Madrid and AC Milan.

The match will be played Wednesday, August 8th at 8:00pm EST on ESPN 2.

Video courtesy of the New York Yankees.

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People Evil says:

For the NYCFC games, the pitchers mound is left alone. The field is a little smaller by 10 yards

AtomicGiraffe says:

Well, I don't think this was a regular season game (correct me if I'm wrong) and anyways, its a nice way to introduce more Americans to soccer (or football as you call it) and allow some of the Madrid and Milan fans living in New York to see their team play in person

AtomicGiraffe says:

Every New YOrker knows what Yankee Stadium is… but not every New Yorker knows where the hell the Red Bulls play….

colecarter says:

Where in my comment did i say "small"? I never did, Yankee Stadium if the Wembley of the US, the game just get 10x better while being played their.

DaveDaShrubber says:


Diana Hernandez says:

You can watch it on channel 141

molotov9 says:

I can't even watch this because ESPN thinks Little League Baseball is far more important! :/

platt soccer says:

On the road now to game 3-1 MADRID hala madrid

Péter Szabó says:

Milan 100-0 Madird!
After: Ronaldo crying:XDXDXD

Soony773 says:

madrid 3-1 milan

Jas Priscilla says:

think again my friend

Jas Priscilla says:

im going to this game!! im soo excited!!!! HALA MADRID!!!

colecarter says:

what would get more viewers? yankee stadium or small venues?

Hoodie FJ says:

there isnt enough seats

Man pc says:

@ACMilanMTL think again

Rossoneri TV says:

Milan 2-1 Real Madrid !

From Singing To Soccer says:

I think Real Madrid will win

TSabirzhan says:

amazing video!

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