Ronaldinho Ultimate Skill Show / AC Milan

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Song : Logic – Ballin (ft. Castro) Just Juice – Lavish (feat. Logic & Mojo) Sex Whales & Fraxo – Dead To Me (feat. Lox Chatterbox)

On 10 January 2010, Ronaldinho scored two goals against Juventus in an away match, sealing a 3–0 victory for the Rossoneri. In the following match against .

Ronaldinho Best Football Skills and Passes AC Milan 2008-2011 ronaldinho milan show Ronaldinho turned down a £25.5 million offer from Manchester City to .

Ronaldinho ○ Ultimate Skills Show 2015/2016 |HD| ▻Youtube Channel: ▻Facebook: .


Marco Cuniberti says:

Impressionante! Non solo nel dribbling! Ma anche nella visione di gioco e la gestione delle difficoltà palla al piede ! Direi super livello

فارس سليمان says:

Some people think that the most skillful player in the history isn't the best one

Ankur Singh says:



El era un dios un astro nada más llegó neymar y todo se fue ala ? por sus tiradas y clavados

stefamo flaviani says:

Il miglior calciatore che una volta abbiamo avuto nel AC MILAN.

Adam LB says:

MFkr, shut off that fugly music.

Aenean Calida says:

makes me laugh, he's on another level.

Aenean Calida says:

He makes everybody else look like props.

Liedson Carvalho says:

e ainda tem gente que compara com "Neymar"

cariocabassa says:

o gênio é o melhor talento de todo os tempos ao lado de O Fenomeno Ronaldinho Nazario os dois Lendas

Marcos carneiro says:

esse cara é um mito

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