Zlatan Ibrahimovic AC Milan 2010-2012

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I’m really proud as a swede to present you my second Zlatan video. It was 2 years ago last time. This is Zlatan Ibrahimovic and his time in AC Milan. Very important player!

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Ceasar Mendoza says:

Yeah he's still amazing now then he was back in inter and barca

Jonte1336 says:

Agree with you!

Jonte1336 says:

They had to do it, unfortunately. He made the right choice I guess. PSG in the quarter finals and top scorer in Ligue 1. Great job by Ibra!

Jonte1336 says:

Big thanks man, I appreciate that! I don't check my comments often so this was a late reply.

Ceasar Mendoza says:

Ibrahimovic is the best striker in the world

max Tinne says:

Great Video .

ernestoche2 says:

Only a fool like safet susic Bosnian coach can say he prefer dzeko over Ibrahimovic, Ibrahimovic who toys with players in every league, Ibra the legend who dominated Italian league last 2 years, i want to use this chance and call safet susic a fool a dunkey.
Magarac safet susic bi uzeo dzeku da ima izbor izmedzu njega i Ibrahimovica.
Ibra nasa legenda, covjek koji je dominirao Italijanskom ligom zadnje dvije godine, covjek koji dominira Francuskom ligom, covjek koji je dominirao svakom ligom,Car

st33ze says:

this video is amazing man :') great job!

Tiago Barreto says:

He was born and raised in Sweden and only left the country as an adult. Parents backround don't apply to him because he wasn't born or raised neither in Croatia or Serbia. Good video 😉

ventende says:

No, cause if a man from Germany moves to Portugal he will not become Portuguese, he will only become a German in Portugal. You don´t change ethnicity just because you moved to another country.

Jonte1336 says:

Swedish Citizenship = Swedish?!

ventende says:

You don´t change ethnicity just because your parents moved to another country. He even talks with a strong Baltic dialect. As I said, his parents are from Croatia and Bosnia. Actually Zlatan is proud to be half Bosnian half Croat. What´s the problem. Isn´t that as valuable as being a Swede?

wurakeem says:

Wait, born in Sweden, grew up in Sweden, plays for Sweden but is not Swedish ?

So, someone born in United States is not American but is whatever his ethnic
background specifies? What if he changed his name to Pele Svanson ? Would you still object ?

Дима Аранго says:

very nice video !!

ventende says:

He has a Bosniak father who emigrated to Sweden in 1977 and a Croatian mother. When none of this parents are Swedish its pretty far fetched to call him Swedish.

Jonte1336 says:

Are you kiddin' me?

ventende says:

Sweden? Hm, Zlatan is a Serbian.

Tzey98 says:

Ibra Supremacy

Kuidtastic says:

3:56 did ronaldinho get crushed?

blackghost18 says:

the best striker in the world! 😀

franco arnold says:

fantastik video i congratulate you,
you didnt wreck your video with those gay R&B songs

Malazan says:

@4:17 WTF robinho?

Agustin Garcia says:

como se llama la múscia de fondo?
buen video 😀

MadelnCanada says:

great video, great player!

ameer kadhim says:

i love the song .. the player … and on top all of that i love the video nice work 🙂

Jonte1336 says:

@mory20110 thank you man!

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