Hachim Mastour — The new AC Milan Star

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14 years old football player debut

Credits to onedidariopaolilloblog for the second video


Martin Hansen says:

He is good. But it is only the best things in one game. And the other team are crap

Mounir Mouchane says:

hna bghinaha barda !! The european federations prepared players for all the categories , and look after them since the beginning of their careers ; finally we discovered those taltend boys and we put the shame on them why they didn't choose to play for morocco !!! really that's not fair

Dick Van dijk says:

He is amazing anyone that says different is jelous

S R says:

This guy has no skill

kubilay yurdaguer says:

Ronaldinho at 5 Jears ^^

Виталий Жирнов says:

заебись пацан!

Eren Ergel says:

he is not star he is just athletic

Andrew Owsley says:

the adversary looked like sh!t, it's only one game. give it some time to really prove himself

Tha3Stripes says:

His style of play is ALMOST like Ronaldinho's but this is only highlights from one game so too early to tell still

ryan nicol says:

i like the fact he can pass the ball as well, looks like an all round talent

anas zy says:

this boy will one day became best player in the world

Josh Nicholas says:

i will buy him in fifa 21

SuperKubaZzz says:

Why would they ever do that? It would be amazing to see the Morocco national team in action :/

resaron says:

he is like zidane, messi, ronaldo and ronaldinho all in one!

Matthew Gammond says:

You're right. I can think of plenty of top players with Moroccan origins that play for other countries. Fellaini and Chadli to name but two.

Daniel Wang says:

Why's that

Alessandro D'Agostino says:


Elmaln says:

Haha calm down man, all he has proven so far is that he has great potential nothing more

Cameron Arrigo says:

come on tilton96, this isnt your fifa career mode.

jorge ortiz says:

really similar to pastore.

Daan Westerhof says:

awesome guys

Tilton96 says:

And sell boateng Robinho antonini nocerino amelia

Tilton96 says:

Forza Milan hopefully they can buy some players this transfer Window like ogbonna,strootman,veratti,perin, all young and future prospects

justviz says:

AC Milan always produce some amazing talent. Wonderful club.

MegaTechConcept says:

Learn how to spell,shithead!

Harrison Greer says:

He is very good don't get me wrong but uses some un needed skills like the rabona cross and a couple of times he only had one defender to beat and he should have just made a quick move and shot instead of stopping and dribbling. He had momentum to beat the defender but destroyed it all.

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