Manchester United 2-2 AC Milan | Match Reaction

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Jonathan Ball says:

If OGS persists in playing Matic & Mata regularly I expect him to lose his job once he fails to land Top 4…. that's just the way the Glazers & Woodward roll!

peak Reports says:

Hey Rants, is martial your brother? you somehow resemble him

ibrahim1895 says:

Our midfield is dog shit it's not even top 8 in the league

Evan McClure says:

Dybala isn't coming

Jay Ess says:

Most worrying thing about Fred is that he makes about 3 bonehead passes a game right to the defender.

Jason Saw says:

Mr Happy with massive chip on the shoulder because of racism in the world ? but can’t deny he a legend who talk honestly about our club

Ashish Tyagi says:

Maybe it's a bias but I love tuanzebe man

Sam DaMan says:

My midfield for next season pogba fernandes and Fred ?

Sam DaMan says:

Even with maguire we are still fighting for 6th

The Real Replay says:

Number 8 for AC was wavy. Maybe cause of the lack of midfielde.

Munaj Awake says:

That's our problem bossman! We have too many shit players making the average players look shit and making the good players look average. It's a vicious cycle I tell you

Karlas Back says:

If we don’t sign Bruno we foookedddd

ZabaDeano says:

Luke Shaw is fucking shite mate, he needs to leave. He offers nothing going forward he can't even cross the ball. And he's about 5 foot tall so how can he be expected to defend properly. You have to win 90% of your headers to be classed as a top defender. It's not possible when 95% of your opponents are taller than you. Send him packing with Matic and Mata it's for the best of our club. It's getting tiring, move the shite on please. We want to get back to the top, play some real fucking players now GGMU

Ned Johnson says:

I think mctoms range of passing is quite wide, remember certain points in the game he was pinging it like pogba. He can play certain balls that just take out a midfield.

Naeem Ahmed says:

All our youth players are so cold

Anthony says:

Guys rank our CBs on ability from best to worst. Mine would be:

Bailly > Maguire > Lindelof > Tuanzebe Smalling > Jones

Vincent says:

Mctominay long pass is underrated. How many times was he switching play today and he’s done it all through the pre season. I feel like that’s one of the things he’s been working on. If you have a chance to watch that game again you will notice that.

blessedbabylon74 says:

Was going great until u had to mention Luke Shaw….are u obsessed mate? Once the quality of the team improves he would blossom…. He finally has defenders supporting that strong back line ….mid needs strengthen…. And once that is sorted together with a decision or rotation of who plays in front of him then u would see the boy's quality…. He can be brilliant playing in a good team….problem is we have been shit for so long….now it seems that we may finally have a balanced solid squad….

Nteta 10k says:

Rants I love your stuff man. But your 'eye contact' confuses me. Look at the cam, or post the monitor a little better. I can see you looking at yourself on the screen. No beef, it's just hard to watch

I really DO love your stuff. GG fam

Leonard Willson says:

I wish everyone would stop judging based on pre season it about getting fit and fixing issues, this was a preseason game do you think anybody really cared.. Wait till the PL starts before you judge players please… I am charlton fan we only won one preseason game and got destroyed by Villa… But went to Ewood park and won so never judge anything by preseason…

Nicholas Farrant says:

Mason has no weak foot. Ambidextrous asf

Chris G says:

Need to start Fred next to Pogba in the AM position

joka619 says:

matic and mata are so crap. they lose the ball and are too slow. they are stopping the progress of pereira, mctommy and gomez. if dybala saw this game, he aint coming.

Bilaal Khadar says:

I thought Lindelof was shit today

Beast Titan says:

Suso is a baller thou, we need him at Arsenal.

Mistaa Ali says:

I agree with the smalling and jones comparison. Smalling Bailey and tuanzebe are good backups

steven g says:

mata is so fucking useless, he should have left the club. matic is becoming a liability now. showed where the weakest link in the team is, centre of the park, a ball winner.

Mark Chiang Mai says:

" We can see where the gaps are:" – Rants. True. So why can't Ole? Why does he keep starting Matic and Mata? Can't he see how much better the youth are? I was so happy to see Gomez come on. That kid is a real star. Wake up Ole and play our best players! Not the OAPs!

Rockraidr5 says:

What does Gomes have to do to get a start?

sadek rahman says:

good luck on your match tomorrow. thanks, Rants.

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