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From Real Madrid vs Bayern Munich to Chelsea vs Barcelona, HITC Sevens takes a look at seven of the greatest rivalries in the Champions League.


Honourable mentions go to clashes like Barcelona vs Real Madrid, AC Milan vs Inter Milan, Chelsea vs Manchester United, Barcelona vs Manchester United and Liverpool vs Nottingham Forest.

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grim squad says:

OMG I'm sorry I'm late I didn't see this!!!

Mambury Ndow says:

Wheres real vs juve?

Mambury Ndow says:

Please do Shaktar donetsk 2011 where are they now!

Dr Potatohead says:

Barcelona-PSG and Arsenal-Barcelona

shahwani footballar says:

English premier league

laxus 94 says:

barca vs man u should have had a mention here

Abdoulaye Diallo says:

I live in New York, I am a diehard FC Barcelona fan and I hate Chelsea ever since I was a kid, then Arsenal is second, and Manchester United is 3rd. Chelsea and Barcelona, Atletico and Barcelona are a crazy rivalry in the Champions League, and Bayern vs Real Madrid is a crazy rivalry. Sorry Madridistas, Atletico fans, and especially Chelsea fans, but I just hate you for a reason so don't judge me, or try to kill me LOL.

Jejis Rai says:

Biggest Personnal Rivalrie is between . Suarez and Ramos.

Karl Emil Greve says:

Juventus vs Real Madrid???

I also think Dortmund – Real Madrid, AC Milan – Barcelona and Barcelona – PSG could be considered

alberto favero says:

You guys are ridicolous.

WD says:

If Barcelona and PSG play each other a couple more times, then you may begin to see the makings of one of the best rivalries in Champions League history. It’s got all the ingredients: star-studded teams, the most amazing aggregate comeback in football history, a hated figure in Barcelona on PSG. Oh yeah, and overall, it’s fair to say that at the moment, on a player-by-player basis they are near, if not true equals. Yes, I know about Messi, but I also know about Neymar, and along with Sergio Agüero and Robert Lewandowski, Suarez and Cavani are two of the best strikers in the world at the moment. If there’s another Champions League rivalry outside of Real-Atlético that sounds better than what Barcelona-PSG might become, I’m all ears.

alfan suhandi says:

Top 7 ballon d'or winner

Unwoundfrog says:

where is Bayern and arsenal?

Rasheed Khan says:

Beat managers who managed former teammates

Sean Croft says:

top 7 footballers scarfs

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