UEFA Champions League: PES 2013 Predicts Result FC Barcelona vs. Bayern Munich

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Watch the video and vote for the winner of the first leg of the UEFA Champions League’s semi-finals on our website: http://proevol.ly/BarBayEN

After their defeat 4-0 last week against Bayern Munich, Barcelona will have to play at their best if they want to have a chance to reach the final of the UEFA Champions League.

Playing tonight at the Camp Nou stadium, the Spanish team will surely count on their home strength to reverse the balance, like they did against A.C. Milan during the round of 16.

We used Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 to predict the result of the match, with the difficulty set on “Super Star” and “Random” player condition.

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antonio lara says:

This game looks terrible

Carlos says:

Borussia Dortmund in Pes 2014???????

Alpah Song says:

Borussia in pes 2014??

tomi kranjcec says:

manđukić score 🙂

Kakarot says:

There will be no more updates to PES 2013.
EA have an exclusive license with Borussia Dortmund so Konami don't have the rights to put them in the game sadly :/

●••MASTERPIECE••● says:

hey PES Staff…

i just wondering if you going to download A New pack Featuring ((Borussia Dortmond))

and some other things?

or you gonna make it on the next PES14?

Vladislav Ratnikov says:

footballlive.at.ua/ Свежие обзоры футбольных матчей!!!

wagner rodrigues says:

Gols Pes2013 de um olhada watch?v=lZ6a9g_zIkk

Simpleboy98 says:

this prediction was very close 3-1 😉

Simpleboy98 says:

you are a fifag

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