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Reports are mentioning that AC Milan are pushing to sign Chelsea’s Juan Cuadrado. Marco comments on the latest AC Milan transfer news and rumours.

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parik88 says:

well if the reports are correct the money from the china is not coming till september, would we be able to afford him?

Totto G says:

LOL nonno's don't play when it comes to their garden!! When I was a kid I walked into my nonno's garden and I went to touch the tomatoes and he appeared out of nowhere and slapped my hand away and started cussing me out. Scared the shit out of me lmao

Ivo A says:

Guys, great video as always! Keep the good work 😉 I have just a small correction, Marco sasy that 10 of the 15 millions will go for Lapadula but as far as we all read in previous rumors, Lapadula will be payed in 3 insallments over the next three years (3x 3 Mln + 1 Mln in the form of bonuses)
Looking forward to your next video!! 🙂

Caoun says:

Cuadrado wont come.
It's been a fucking month since Lapadula and the money spent on him came from Stephan leaving.
The chinese and Berlusconi better get an agreement soon.
cuadrado wont come.

Dwayne k27ism says:

I hope Bacca DOES stay if he wants to, if he leaves then that means we'll have to look for another striker and i don't think any other striker can feel his shoes now if he suddenly leaves. About the signing of the deal, I just hope it is done before the season starts, it's nearly the end of the mercato and we still look like we're in a mess just like our 2015/2016 season!

Saudin Hodzic says:

Just want to say this guy is born to talk lol nothing bad just I think you can do a great job as a reporter anyway as far as Baca i hope he stays I don't think he will trade Milan for WestHam and as far as founds go i can see it happening that Chines won't invest until they officially own the club which make sense would u invest in the house that u didn't buy yet you never know what can happen but i can see Berlusconi investing and Chines paying him back something like that as far ad cuadrado goes I'm really not his fan but let's hope he does well if he does show up i think his finishing is horrible and in my opinion SES92 was better option but to late now hope we can get our hands on Kovacic And Isco in that Middle

Tb21 says:

"all" we need is cuardado for around 30 mil, musacchio for 20-30 mil and loan kovacic for atleast 1 year, then we could challenge for champions league imo

hamad AL-Sulaiti says:

loan in players with an option to buy so if a player floped we dont buy him

Daniel's Opinion says:

good luck with the test Adamo

dejan 10 says:

Montella's screwed already.

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